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by:TONDA     2020-05-15
Silk by give you lavish care silk by silk is natural protein fiber, close skin, and can promote the metabolism of human body, use it made of silk by soft and close-fitting, sleep is not easy to push, dew shoulder; Low thermal conductivity, with the characteristics of warm in winter and cool in summer. In order to keep warm, winter use silk by filling weight more, but the air permeability, hygroscopicity is less affected, comfort level. Features: is suitable for civil use. In winter, the north and the south the temperature difference is very big in our country, the northern cold and dry, but it is often for indoor heating; The southern interior from the north more cold and wet. Silk is a very slender natural porous fiber, hygroscopicity is 1 more than cotton. 1 of 5 times, sporadic is cotton. Three times, warm and wet, very suitable for damp climate of the south; Dry north, people are always easy in the winter on the production of body fluid, silk by moisture absorption, so you can adjust by humidity, help skin maintain moisture, can quickly absorb and send out again at the same time to flush out khan gas, greatly reduce the phenomenon such as sweating, dry skin and breath lose, therefore also suit to use silk by the north. Kind of practical air conditioning is when sleeping must pay attention to protect our intestines and stomach and abdomen, especially the weak, old people and children. At this point, the air conditioning is the most practical option. Its thickness is moderate, joint skin pure cotton fabrics, feel comfortable, also can cover the whole body size. Air conditioning is design and color is the most abundant, in addition to love bouncing colour of young people, concise and elegant design is preferred. Now the cold weather can be used together with the autumn/winter bedding. As a result, the air conditioning is actually is a good partner can warm our whole year. Air conditioning is colorful expressions, make whole night's dream extension. Nostalgic moderate towelling coverlet haven't appeared in the market a wide variety of cool before, is the age of towelling coverlet prevailed. Towelling coverlet with its good ventilation, easy cleaning, easy to receive, etc, become a lot of people about the summer memories. Wool is a natural animal hair, elastic, contains a lot of air between the curly, isolated from the external air effectively, to achieve effective heat preservation effect. So the wool material winter heat preservation effect is good, just a little heavier, is suitable for the crowd like quilt must be fitted. Strong good children blanket for the child's body with blanket and preferences design, colorful, pattern is flattering, holding in his hand, soft delicate teach fondly, length is also conform to the children's physique proportion. Suede is very good, can be washed without worrying about the problem such as deformation, pilling, pleating, not bibulous suede is convenient to dry. Lovely a thin layer, gives the children a sense of security, they are in his sleep to easily removed. Carpet recreational carpet not strictly use points of the season, because it USES the random, excellent appearance, has not been we are on the shelf. Like the person who sleep the room temperature is lower, texture smooth, pure wool blanket is most suitable for but the warmth retention property good; Thin cotton, wool blanket is broad, many in the room watching TV or working at his desk for a long time, it can be used to protect easy cold shoulder and waist and abdomen. If the use frequency of leisure carpet is higher, brunet attune is preferred, in order to avoid frequent washing fabrics shrink or stretch out of shape. 1. Stuffed with thin cotton bed cover, also can be used, when the air conditioning effect is the same, even more beautiful on the vision. 2. Whatever the quality of a quilt, should be diligent in ventilation shady and cool place air. 3. The natural mulberry silk in white color with yellow, too bright white silk cotton may after whitening treatment, based on the use of safety, should be in the big stores to buy. 4. Silk is the best set of bedding bag, inner tube not washing and dry cleaning; Don't be in the hot sun exposure; To avoid stress on is to keep soft; Storage, cannot put anti-insect agent and other chemicals. 5. Wool blanket change garments according to the received before, should be dry and flat out to dry.
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