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by:TONDA     2020-04-23
At the beginning of change garments according to the season, the sun, changed a new clothes, also wanting to change the new room. That those thick winter is how to maintain the collection? Spinning le sleep in class today for you to interpret life common quilt maintenance error, teach you treat the quilt maintenance and collection of science. Myth: wake up, the fold up their quilts into cubes, neatly. Spinning interpretation: night sleep, the body constantly secretion of sweat, sebum, falls off dander. Quilt up into a postage stamp, will be cut off water, the volatilization of the stain. Your bed instead become bacteria, the hotbed of the breed of mites. The scientific method: before and after the quilt can be folded in half and half out on the bed. Both for the quilt, bed surface enough space, that which is meimei dalai. Erroneous zone 2: often wash a face, regular shampoo, shower, can put an end to the quilt mites. By core, pillow core, is the capital of the mite, which is super lotion to wash face or is hard to avoid to eliminate mites. Mite hygroscopic, therefore, ventilated, dry, frequently is best weapon to destroy them. Scientific methods: great harm mites, and ubiquitous, but deal with them only two simple: first recruit - — Prevent, choose functional, antibacterial anti mite bedding. Spinning the happy home textiles research and development of nano series bedding is very good choice, Mr Nano series bedding after 50 times of washing, bacteriostatic rate can reach more than 90%, still in accordance with the majority of daily habits, suite every 2 weeks to take a bath once a month, materials of high antibacterial effect lasts 2 - 4 years. The second recruit - — Sun, the sun is a natural drying agent and disinfectant. Sun is science, not only to remove moisture, but also effective sterilization in addition to mites. Myth 3, how long the quilt bask in one of the most scientific? Myth: put the sun direct sun; Sun is frequently, the sun all day; No sun is habit! Bask in the scientific method: 2 to 4 weeks. And different quilt, adopt different ways of drying. Cotton is - — Direct exposure under the sun, it is recommended that the 11 a. m. to 2 o 'clock at noon. Fibre is - — On sunny days, as long as two hours. Feather, silk, wool is - — Hanging in a dry ventilated place. Sun will destroy the fiber structure, affect the service life. Quilt maintenance good, can let us in a warm good night's sleep. Maintain undeserved, not only affect sleep, will make a problem.
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