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by:TONDA     2020-05-01
A, home textile product categories - — Cover series more than 6 sets, 7 sets, 8 sets, 9 sets, 10 sets include: bedspread + quilt cover ( Even the core) + the pillowcase + ( Cushion for leaning on of) + sheets ( The mattress) , high-grade hair towel, bathrobe, foot pad. Second, the home textile product categories - — Ou ou recreational series include: bed cover + sheets ( The fitted) + quilt cover ( A single layer) + pillowcase + cushion cover, high-grade hair towel, bathrobe, pajamas, foot pad. Three, home textile product categories - — Single-unit combinatorial series: single embroidery covered six times 4 times 4 times, embroidery, printing include: sheet ( The fitted) + bedding bag, pillowcase + cushion cover. Four, quilt series, quilt series include: feather, wool, silk, feather yarn, single span, four holes, seven holes, the summer is, in the spring and autumn was, composite, etc. Five, the home textile product categories - — Pillow core series, health care pillow: chrysanthemum pillow, jasmine HuaZhen, medical stone pillow, neck pillow, etc. Ordinary pillow: puckering, four holes, 7 holes, pearl cotton, feather silk pillow, cushion for leaning on of core, etc. Six, home textile product categories - — Mattress mattress series include: ultrafine wool mattresses, bay wool mattresses, Maya wool mattress, hard cotton mattresses, bed pads, multi-function sofa, etc. Seven, home textile product categories - — Blanket cover blanket series include: woolen blanket, Macao blankets, raschel blanket, cotton blanket, jacquard blankets, children blankets, etc. Eight, home textile product categories - — Children supplies series of children's products series include: three-piece bedspread covered 4 times, sheet, bedding bag, bed sheets, pillowcases, bed skirts, even the core cushion, pillow, pillow, sleeping bags, etc. Nine, home textile product categories - — Act the role ofing is tasted series of cushion for leaning on cushion for leaning on of jewelry series include: plain cushion for leaning on, embroidered cushion for leaning on, decorative cushion for leaning on, festive and cushion for leaning on, all kinds of cushions, ecological modelling cushion, pillow, magazine rack, etc. Ten, home textile product categories - — Wash and product series washing and product series include: jacquard or plain weave towel, face towel, towel, bath towel, bathrobe, towel bathrobe, MAO dragged, shower curtain, foot pad, etc. Eleven, home textile product categories - — Series summer daylight saving products series include: air conditioning is, flax, mat, bluegrass, mosquito nets, summer of natural silk was, etc.
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