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by:TONDA     2020-05-01
Home textile products every once in a while to clean, not only to maintain a neat and beautiful, but also for the health that occupy the home. Bamboo fiber bedding cleaning frequency can be according to personal hygiene. Before first use, rinse water first time, on the surface of the pulp quality and printing and dyeing floating color can be washed off, so to use will be more soft, when cleaning in the future are not easy to fade. Cotton fabric can't use the detergent containing bleach composition, general immersion time less than half an hour, the water temperature is not more than 30 ℃; Silk, silk floss, soybean fiber can't use the detergent containing enzymes, suggest using silk wool detergent, wash with vinegar can increase the luster; Wool, cashmere, attention should be paid to avoid long soaking time, cannot use the detergent containing enzymes, and other detergent also be careful to use; Silk, bamboo fiber, chemical fiber can't use hot water immersion, silk and bamboo fiber machine wash not dry, velvet fabric surface avoid ironing; Flax products can't scrub when catharsis, twist. Bamboo fiber towel, cotton, hemp products collection when folded neatly, and add a certain amount of camphor ball, in the dark, low humidity, well ventilated place to store; Fleece, duvets, need to stay after drying the quilt cool again after folding, stored in the pest control, placed in a dry place, not weight, dry clean; Silk by the use of, such as the sun be affected with damp be affected with damp, should hang dry in the shade, dry again after folding, stored in the pest control, placed in a dry place; White silk products can't put camphor ball or put in wood box, otherwise will be yellow. Clean the curtain should be about half a year, the ordinary cloth curtain can scrub, wet cloth but easy to shrink the fabric should be as far as possible dry cleaning; The curtain that canvas or hemp had better use a sponge wiped some of wen shui or soap solution, after waiting for air, roll up; Immerse the curtain in velvet fabric when cleaning should be in neutral cleaning fluid, with handle gently pressure, after the wash on the shelf, make water automatic drip dry, it would make if curtain cleanness; new Electrostatic flocking cloth curtain made of ( Shading fabric) , not easy dirty, need often clean, such as to clean of avoid by all means to get the bubble in the water to wash or scrub, only cotton gauze dipped in alcohol or gasoline wipe gently, cannot twist wring force in order to avoid hairs off, affect beautiful.
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