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Cloth art sofa cleaning and maintenance tips - in winter Tonda home textiles co. , LTD

by:TONDA     2020-04-24
Cloth art sofa is more and more popular with people, and become one of the furniture of contemporary sitting room is decorated in little not. Just cloth art sofa is made of cloth art package, maintenance and cleaning cloth art sofa has become a big problem to housewives. Spinning in the life of the small make up for a few happy home textiles cloth art sofa is used to maintain common small coup, learn together. Cloth art sofa cleaning: use a vacuum cleaner clean cloth art sofa is a good way to maintain, don't wait until it is dirty to remember to clean. Weekly vacuuming processing. In the process of vacuuming should pay attention to, do not use brush, because the knit lines on the fabric may be weak. Warm reminder, had better use the vacuum cleaner to processing, use cotton cloth to clean the dust can be. Cloth art sofa cleaning: use detergent to use detergent to clean cloth art sofa on time don't need so densely populated. Use cleaner to clean up once a year, just be sure to put the cleaner clean not leave traces, prone to dirt. Warm prompt: the choice of detergent, can choose special detergent containing antifouling agent. Cloth art sofa maintenance: choose jacket actually buying sofa cloth art sofa, choose cloth art sofa can unpick and wash as far as possible. Sheath of cloth art sofa can tear open come down to clean. Elastic sleeve can use washing machine, larger cotton or linen sheath can get the cleaner's. Iron sheath, some elastic sheath is easy to dry from iron, even to iron also want to consider the appearance of the sheath, so iron sheathed inside is suitable.
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