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by:TONDA     2020-05-07
Cloth art home textile is a kind of downy sense, and has the characteristics of can be clean, replace the tubes, no matter in clean, or home decoration and so on, are very convenient and full of change. In addition to the whole cloth art home textile, cloth material often applied with cany material or paper fine collocation, let users more comfortable, and let the colour of cany qualitative and paper fiber is more rich and changeful. Cloth art style of home textiles fabric textile cloth flower, variable with different modelling, style was the diversity. But most of the household textile cloth art of style, still give priority to with sweet and comfortable, accordingly with cloth art the tactility of home textile. American or European country home textile, use broken flower or fabric cloth, to create a natural, sweet flavor, match with other log home textile, superior; Spain classic wind also often with tapestry, colour is gorgeous with all green satin fabric is given priority to, or to show aristocrat's showily temperament; Italian style used cloth products, still not divorced from its concise and easy design principles, often in very bright monochromatic cloth to reveal personality home textile itself. Fabric textile maintenance of home textile and maintenance is very simple, every time new product purchase and change into clean cloth, first spray antifouling agent; Vacuum clean at ordinary times; Immediately if there is dirt, clean is the supreme principle, with paper towel remove dirt, residual stains with foam detergent to remove. Must be in accordance with a complete set of cleaning cloth to choose the appropriate cleaning method, need to dry cleaning is not washed, in case the fade or shrink.
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