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Curtain collocation to make the finishing point to teach you both hands - how to choose Tonda home textiles co. , LTD

by:TONDA     2020-05-27
Tie-in appropriate curtain inside the room to have the finishing touch effect, and the curtain is not only a spectator, function is more important, it is inseparable from the sun wind rain. So how to choose, curtain also is very important question. 1, the kinds of curtain rod according to the can be seen, is divided into two categories: rising stem and the non-rising stem. Rising stem is can see the rod color and decoration head ( Commonly known as the first) Modelling of the curtain rod. Because it conforms to the modern society the popular trend of 'light is repaired, heavy adornment', only need good length to a nail on the wall is OK. Non-rising stem, in contrast to the stem, often with condole top, in a curtain box of window, outside can't see the pole itself, so the construction in advance has requirements, flexible enough. 2, how to choose the curtain rod although determines the window curtain level in appearance, but the curtain rod determines the curtain also can continue to use. It is very important to choose a durable curtain rod. The wall thickness generally manufacturers to cut corners tend to juggle with your materials, the thinner wall thickness, the rod of bearing force is smaller, later in the process of using the more prone to accidents. When choosing recommendations will be decorative head ( Commonly known as the first) The thicker the removed, generally speaking, the better. See material rod material, plastic product is easy to aging, wooden products easy to moths, craze, aluminum alloy products does color single, a long time and it is easy to glue, the key to the front several bearing performance of the poor nor friction resistance; Iron easy to paint, paint products only iron electroplating products, surface treatment, and bearing, good abrasion resistance, colour and lustre is full of fashion. Choose stents more domestic soil, cement less 'tofu wall' everywhere. The pole in many families will not come up, or forced install but at stake, so proposal carefully choose stents. In general support and larger contact area of the wall, hang up stable, with the luo silk to suitable length really eat live power, second installation degree of experience and technology skilled workers is also key. Brand and after choosing a brand, reputation, service and security products, best seller responsible for on-site installation, so their fixed worker is familiar with on products, installation is not easy to get wrong.
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