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by:TONDA     2020-05-26
Curtain as an important part of home decoration, in addition to the privacy protection, adjust the action of light, elegant high-end curtain can also make the home more sweet, fashion, romantic. But, how often do your curtain clean? Do you know how to do the cleaning and maintenance? Many people take a bath once a year or two will curtain, in fact this is bacteria cause respiratory disease, and dust on the curtain will be when you are away and to draw the curtains for floating in the indoor air. At least curtain in the home should also wash once half a year, it is best to take a bath once every two or three months. Curtain cleaning steps on right: 1, remove the curtain: when removing the curtains available clean the curtain on the surface of a vacuum cleaner. Pay attention to the wind, the position of some stuck not inconvenient, should tear open peripheral cardin remove the curtain cloth. Note: remember to use a special container to hold the removed parts. 2, immerse the curtain: the curtain with warm water soak for a period of time, according to the cloth of curtain to choose detergent, generally it is recommended to use neutral detergent to immerse the curtain, the heavy acidic or alkaline liquid will cause certain damage of curtain material. According to different soaking time curtain material, generally between 15 minutes and 60 minutes, for example, made of linen curtains for its massiness, general will soak 1 hours when washing. 3, curtain washing: the washing process of the curtain to choose according to the different fabric of the curtain itself cleaning method. ( Note: here again the content of the article will explain for everybody in all kinds of curtain fabric washing way. ) 4, curtain dry: select a ventilation the shade to dry, make the curtain to dry on its own. Because the curtain cloth and clothing washing after if long time exposure in the sun is also very likely to happen decoloring. Different fabrics curtain washing method: velvet curtain immerse the curtain in first in in alkalescent and clean fluid, with handle gently pressing. Wash and put on inclined frame, make water automatic drip dry, can make if curtain cleanness became new. Soft shutter shade had closed the window before cleaning, spray on its right amount clear water or polish, then use dry cloth. The curtain rope, can use a soft brush to gently wipe. If the curtain is dirtier, can dip in with dishcloth some warm water soluble detergent cleaning, solution of ammonia of usable also a few is wiped. This kind of curtain cleans the curtain canvas or hemp after hard to dry. Accordingly, unfavorable clean directly in water, appropriate dips in with sponge mixture liquid of some of wen shui or soap solution, ammonia solution to wipe, after waiting for air, coil can. Ordinary curtain for some made of ordinary cloth curtain, can use wet cloth to scrub, can also according to the conventional methods in clean water or washing machine to clean. Austrian style lace curtain this is compare modern trendy curtain, a current cleaner should be used when cleaning first epispastic dirt, brush with a soft feather next had swept gently. Note that, don't lace askew. Bamboo class finished curtain preferably before use spray cleaning agent on stripping, every 1 - 3 months with dry cloth to wipe with wool or stroke. Avoid by all means use wet cloth to wipe, lest leave print. Some wooden shutter is really necessary, the cleaning water using soft brush with mild detergent, rinse thoroughly with water clean and wipe dry.
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