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by:TONDA     2020-05-29
Curtain, is common in household layout is soft act the role of nots allow to ignore. It not only has a privacy, keep out the light, and other functions, can also play the role of coordinating the whole space atmosphere. When consumer matching curtains, often easy to be fooled by the surface of some design and color, and not as a whole, function and practical aspects to consider. Let's take a look at to different space and special area when choosing curtains should pay attention to some of the doorway. Reduce noise bedroom to protect the bedroom is the owner of the illicit close space of illicit close sex and rest places, so the curtain should choose relatively thick, shading effect is good, and products with sound-absorbing effect. Design colour should be warm and pleasant as style of the curtain, curtain track is the best choice of mute type or which has the function of sound attenuation model. Action A bedroom appropriate use gauze shade with the combination of drape, gauze shade can promote sweet feeling of the space, while thick drapes can satisfy owner demand for privacy and reduce noise, etc. B want better increase bedroom of sweet and romantic feeling, can be in the style of the gauze shade. Such as the Roman curtain with delicate cascade folding flower, can add a little gentle and quiet for the space, to a certain extent can improve sleep quality. Living room build solemn compact effect as a guest in the household space and owner to the main area of everyday life, furniture and adorn article should be generous, can show master life taste. Curtain fabric choice is wide, only need to create a solemn concise, easy bright effect. It is important to note that the sitting room curtain to consider and style harmonious and unified, whole space can achieve better decorative effect. The owner of A pupil likes watching TV in the living room, the light of the sitting room should not be too strong, so choose double curtain. Can also be BoSha with thick flannel curtain, or a layer of shading cloth collocation, can very good strengthening shading effect. B if you want to let the light of the sitting room more light is enough, can choose light color attune, adopts the transmission of light curtain made of thin cloth materials. Privacy can be ensured and the shade too dazzling sunshine, can also create a generous bright visual effect.
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