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by:TONDA     2020-04-08
Choose the curtain cloth art, need to consider is the color. Everyone in favour of different colors, but when choose cloth art to decorate a room, consider the overall interior style and the color of furniture. The curtain in the current market variety, drape, gauze shade, european-style litre fall shade, water curtain, bamboo curtain, roller blinds, Venetian blinds, etc. Make a person dazzling, and the collocation of the curtain is properly can more fully reflect master personality and taste. Engaged in decorating a design of teng, sichuan cloth tiger, stylist thinks, the curtain in collocation plays a role that occupy the home is too strong, for example, warm color, make the person feels strong, excited, bring sweet atmosphere to the bedroom; Cool color to move, feel quiet and tastefully laid out, halcyon, can make indoor environment cool and delightful. Furniture, the color of wall must be coordinated with curtain color, such as flaxen metope, curtain can choose shallow brown or yellow; And white curtains to match any metope are coordinated, thus can be widely used. 'New smooth furniture is put in the room, the curtains do not have folds and frilling. Otherwise there will be a complicated feeling, let the home looks crowded. 'Shijiazhuang spinning le home textiles small make up, said the housing of small area, should make metope furniture and curtain tonal close, the same hue and lightness is slightly different. Opposite the Windows are open or there are green plants, should be left side curtain, in order to make the scenery outside the window and indoor mutual reflect. The curtain of large area, usually in stateroom, master bedroom, and a large Windows in the room with larger area, such as the study. Choice, for instance, helps ease the hollowness of deep color, with smart and lively, make the space contraction large pattern, designed with handsome or lift the curtain shade curtain, big curtain will be very beautiful.
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