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by:TONDA     2020-05-28
Curtain, although not home advocate material, is undoubtedly the lion's share of the consumer, a beautiful curtain frequently for thousands of tens of thousands of yuan, but the wise choice curtain there will always be some tips. 1, good at using orbit in irregular room. Special window is common in the homes, such as circular arc form, install the curtain is not convenient. Fortunately had to bend the orbit design, can let the shape of the curtains in the Windows, do fit, opening and closing is very easy. 2, the window towards decided to thick cloth. When choose cloth, be sure to consider their own toward the window. The window facing south, the light is good, gauze, thin cotton or silk cloth is more appropriate. North cold, dark room, should choose warm color and some of the massiness curtain, increase temperature. If you have towards the Windows of the east or west, home sun is the most important use of curtain. 3, select the right shade head opening and closing. Cohesion between the curtains and curtain rod, there are many ways: punch in the fabric directly, easy to pull back and forth; Outer bag, in the form of positive looks beautiful, but due to the high friction between fabric and rod, especially the bag size and the diameter of the rod, pull back and forth more difficult; Condole belt appears very simple, in a form suitable for the relatively thin cloth. Suggest the best buy curtain ring, so easy to open and dismantling change also convenient. 4, the color of the curtain. Sexual slants cold tonal is preferred. Smooth the bedroom should choose color, static color curtain, make the room appears quiet and tastefully laid out and not cold and cheerless. Dining room, yellow and orange can increase appetite, white has the feeling of clean. 5, Roman shade is suitable for small window. The window width is best in 1. Among 4 meters the following, need not seam, need to buy the length when you buy cloth. Fast change room light, should use Roman shade, by hand can be adjust at the hem of the curtain, control how much light into the room. 6, accurate measuring fabric consumption. It is recommended to use metal ruler measurement, whether choose rail installation or curtain rod, curtain to the hem of the 15 cm above the window. On both sides of the curtain to 15 out of the window itself 20 centimeters, so didn't look good. . .
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