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by:TONDA     2020-05-31
The curtain is household environment cannot be ignored in the soft act the role ofing, a beautiful curtain can improve the appearance of the whole family. But the curtain variety is available in the market, how should we choose? A lot of people are easy to be fooled by the surface of some design and color, and not from the function and practical aspects to consider. In fact, a good curtain, should focus on all aspects. Both the function of blocking or filtering out the light, and can create a scenery line of flow for the bedroom. Let's take a look at, the curtain of choose and buy what's the trick! Curtain | qualitative curtain material has a lot of kinds, such as cotton, hemp, silk, polyester, suede, if you feel too multifarious instead pick is bad, then to choose the curtain material according to the properties of the room. Living room curtain is a reflection of the whole household environment, mainly bear the visitor and the function of entertainment and leisure. If often watch TV in the sitting room, the light of the sitting room should not be too strong, suggestion choice have to block the light, heat insulation function of thick cotton or polyester material curtain. If because the shade of the balcony, want to let the light of the sitting room more light is enough, you can choose the light color attune or transmission of light made of thin cloth material curtain, with hollow out, the fabric is also a good choice. Can according to different users, the bedroom curtains bedroom curtain to choose the right shade. Such as the curtains of old person room should consider the effect of noise and light, because the old man's sleep quality is not very good, cotton and linen class the more thick curtains, acoustic and light effect is better also, convenient and clean and do. Young people bedroom can choose pure and fresh and natural, or dynamic curtain varieties. Privacy can be ensured and the shade too dazzling sunlight, then can create a refreshing visual effect. Bedroom curtains can also according to the room to make a choice, south to the bedroom can choose to block the light, heat insulation, sound insulation effect better suede material curtain; And north to the curtain of the bedroom is relatively some 'random', as long as pay attention to the sound and light blocking. Curtain | white color: white curtain is applicable to any space, brings a sense of pure and fresh and free from vulgarity. It is the joker color space, elegant and generous, dust is dye-in-the-wood. However, the deficiency of the white is easy to dirty, don't like frequent cleaning house advocate the best careful consideration. Grey: if you want to let whole home presents a low-key senior feeling, the most suitable curtain color gray department, of course. Grey shading effect of the curtain is very good, others couldn't see through the curtains in the room. And, more importantly, it can give a bedroom new feelings and temperament, for your home grace many oh! Stripe and color: different curtain can bring different visual effect, stripes and color are also popular in the market. Because of their unique colors and tension, can add a kind of sweet and lively flavor for the space. The curtain when collocation, however, still a little bit of difficulty. As far as possible in harmony with the integral style of the household environment, can reflect master grade and style. | style curtain curtain is divided into two kinds: the most common style window curtain and with no window curtain. Due to the style of the curtain relations associated with interior design style, so in the choice of the curtain, best according to your design style. Window curtain type window curtain type is characterized by elegant, can greatly foil to the sense of space and decoration of the bedroom. If your bedroom style belongs to the French, the classical European or Mediterranean style, we suggest to choose this kind of curtain. Today's young people generally advocate contracted without window curtain type and individual character, don't like to have the feeling of too much burden. No window curtain type natural become a wise choice, it is suitable for the bedroom style is also relatively simple and agile, northern Europe, modern, minimalist, etc. After watching the above introduction, we know how to choose the hand in photograph reflect with your bedroom curtains?
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