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by:TONDA     2020-05-29
Bid farewell to the coldness of winter, the spring is late this year, as the summer is already at the window, the spring footsteps gradually approaching. And the girls more flower skirt, summer, a more pure and fresh and the curtain of choose and buy, will no doubt make the home look brand-new. Silk curtain of spring, summer, suitable for general home inside the curtain will prepare two sets, a set of frugality, qiu dong season, compares massiness, languid is lazy warm feeling to the person, use another set of spring and summer season, thin feel fresh and cool. According to different varieties, material, style, the curtain has different categories, look from the material, such as cotton, cotton silk, silk and velvet. Spring and summer, people like to wear silk clothes, looks cool, sweet, comfortable, bring the wind of summer, the elegant and cool at the same time, can let the skin calm and comfortable, home is the same. This season the curtain used, should be given priority to with cotton and silk, more like cotton silk, linen, silk, polyester and silk etc. On the one hand, containing ingredients of silk curtain is smooth feel, silk fabric already has good pervious to light effect, glare in the summer, has a very relaxed and elegant aesthetic feeling, make indoor appear bright and light. Spring and summer on the other hand, bedding and curtain cloth art product, such as cleaning are relatively more frequently some qiu dong, choose the thin material, also easy to manage. Color and the overall style collocation of the color of the curtain is very much, the curtain of the spring and summer on the choice of colors tend to be bright, pure and fresh color, can make a person feel relaxed. This among them, the green youth is permeated with a cheerful atmosphere, very easily with other color combination, mustard green, citric yellow, banana yellow, apricot yellow, orange, etc. , all the representatives during belonging to chunxia is lubricious. But the curtain the collocation of color need to be determined according to the integral style of the home, can not blindly pursue and relaxed, while ignoring the overall effect of the room. Such as home furniture all is Europe type style, the overall color is heavy and complicated, heavy, and suddenly the curtain of a pale green, is likely to break the overall effect,. Another example room furniture is dark brown, the color of the curtain can't choose too deep, too deep will feel boring, not spacious. At the same time, the color and style of the curtain with indoor furniture photograph echo, to form a complete pattern. Curtain to close in the evening, but also match the light, colored light bulb is unfavorable and collocation of brunet curtain, fluorescent lamp can.
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