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Curtain factory said: new curtains in addition to formaldehyde should open a window ventilated more! - - - - - - Tonda home textiles co. , LTD

by:TONDA     2020-05-27
New house decoration, many people will pay attention to the home furniture, plank in excessive harmful substances, often ignored the environmental situation of 'soft adornment'. Recently, I moved into new home in chaoyang district, Beijing Zang woman always feel home has a pungent taste, furniture, building materials is environmental protection standard, what wrong? After professional indoor air testing agencies, ms Zang home nearly twice as formaldehyde to exceed bid. Finally found 'culprit' turns out to be the new home to buy cloth curtain. According to one industry insider, to enhance product wrinkle resistance and fire retardancy, many manufacturers in the curtain fabric, such as adding resin and other auxiliary ingredients; On the market at present the curtain of colour diversity, design is rich, to achieve this effect, these products will join in the process of printing and dyeing, etc to make many kinds of dyes and other chemicals, all of these may contain formaldehyde. To remove the formaldehyde, curtain fabric, such as taught by Chinese center for disease control environment to wear since I wish to tell a reporter, the best thing to do is more ventilation, make its more contact with outside air. You can also fully soaked with water, but depends on the material. Ordinary cotton, linen, canvas material curtain, can be directly in the washing machine or send to the laundry washing, extend the soak time as far as possible; Velvet material can also be soaking in the water washing, but cannot be dry after washing, drying, but placed on the shelf to make it automatic dry; On the market and velvet curtain, this had better not be washed with water, or hairs will fall, affect beautiful, can be put in the balcony sufficient ventilation. Besides the curtains, sofa sets, bed sheets and quilt cover, such as bedding, best are fully soaked with water first before using. Can not only reduce the harmful substances, can wash it in the process of production and transportation may be stained with dust, dirt and stains.
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