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by:TONDA     2020-04-08
At present building materials to the national development rapidly, the curtain belong to which kind of building materials industry, have also been a lot of investors. Because curtain brand increase gradually, many shops facing the heavy pressure of market competition, how to stand out from the curtain shop? Have 10 years experience in management of shijiazhuang spinning home textiles, which points to you talk about. How to run the curtain shop? Store image problem all know that all things run the store, store image is particularly important, also is different from other brands of the most important identity. Curtain shop store design is reasonable, the layout is orderly, style, shops ready all aspects to meet the customer, the customer to identify with the brand value and brand effect will be showing up. Provide complete goods if you as a customer, what kind of store is a good shop? Custom curtain, engineering, shade, bed is tasted, cloth curtain, etc. , can in the shop have cloth art product, the brand is the curtain. Vice store within only a few products and fabric, cannot meet the demand of customers, how can let the curtain shop business good? Improve staff quality, and service workers more professional brand, in addition to master the basic knowledge of the curtain cloth art, sales skill and service etiquette training in place, analysis of customer needs, with some collocation of philosophy, such ability to lead and mining the customer demand for the final deal; And service is the curtain shop have to some, this includes pre-sale volume window design, installation, after-sales maintenance. These are the brand hard thing to do. The brand need to hold to for a long time to run, these small details enough to defeat the other shops. Shijiazhuang spinning home textiles is a company that was established in 2015, the company staff in the home textiles in the industry have more than 10 years rich experience in the industry, no matter from workmanship, materials, ideas, has the rich experience, the company in product development, design, production, brand building, marketing integration strategy, and formed the scale and unique home textiles enterprises. Experts design, office, production, warehousing, logistics, staff at an organic whole, with advanced production equipment, modern office facilities. Undertake curtain order processings, welcome various merchants field trip.
An increasing dependence on the use of quilts & comforters home textiles suppliers has made numerous changes in the home textiles suppliers industry over the past decades.
Shanghai Tonda international trading Co.,ltd. aims to hire several additional experienced marketing professionals that can add to our existing talent-pool and help continue the steady growth of our business.
Shanghai Tonda international trading Co.,ltd. believes that the shorter the path between consumer and product, the more likely businesses are to convert more sales.
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