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Curtain factory to teach you the bedroom curtains with three skills - Tonda home textiles co. , LTD

by:TONDA     2020-05-28
Color harmony the colour collocation of the curtain, should be from the perspective of the overall, harmonious not chaotic, can be the same color match or contrast color match or no color is tie-in. Before embarking on colors, should first determine the home decoration as a whole is tonal, again according to the overall color, present domestic outfit style, and your want to match the color of the curtain. Contrasting colors together, will bring people a strong visual impact, if mixed together, will bring up the muddy colors, such as: red and green, blue and orange, yellow and purple are contrasting colors. Contrast color collocation method, will bring home the color bouncing feeling on the vision, full of rhythm. And the same color hue refers to a series of the same or similar, only the color shades of color. The same color collocation, the effect will be warm and quiet. Another, that is, without the collocation of color, that is: black, white, gray and other color collocation. No color is black, white, ash, generally if the home is contemporary and contracted design style, you can choose the collocation of color. When the collocation of the bedroom curtains, but also should pay attention to: if metope color is deeper, then choose the curtain that light color quietly elegant; If metope color is light, it can choose relatively the curtain of deep color. At the same time of follow the principle of collocation, also should consider the be fond of of individual and family, and needs to undertake collocation space function. The style is unified in the current prevalence of the concept of 'light is repaired, heavy adornment', in addition to the practicability of the curtain, people pay more and more attention to the decoration of the curtain, also it is studded with our life, to show the owner's unique taste. While embodies the curtain decorative effect, need to pay attention to the collocation of the curtain, to obey the whole household style, with the furniture photograph echo in the home. If the home decoration style of the partial rural wind, on collocation, can choose natural flowers or grid pattern of the curtain, to make a leisurely and comfortable in the home field of; If the home decoration style is contemporary and contracted, its simplicity, simplicity, environmental protection, the curtain in collocation, do not need to choose exaggerated grain appearance, gorgeous color, the design of complex, but in the most straightforward language, comfortable environmental protection material, reflect a kind of delicate high taste life and master their own unique artistic taste. Decorate a style to have a lot of kinds, each family in the decoration style is distinctive and various tactics, to choose the style, the curtain is blended in among them, this is the most important thing. Rational utilization of the light curtain in collocation, how to reasonable and effective use of light, it is also the curtain is tie-in a great skill. This is mainly according to the different space of Windows facing and the lighting effects. Is the living room, home entertainment, reception of friends and family, in addition to buy curtain cloth, also can match on a layer of gauze shade or pull a curtain, such collocation is applicable to all the year round, both against the strong light of the summer and meets the requirements of the daylighting of the winter. But also enrich the visual sense, the more the sitting room is covered with a layer of romantic atmosphere. Bedroom, is a more private personal space, must match double curtain, pull open the curtain in the daytime, leave a layer of gauze shade, not only ensure the ventilation and protect the privacy of the rest in the evening, is to draw the double curtain. In addition, the collocation of the space that defend bath curtain, due to the particularity of its space, general is given priority to with shade. When the curtain and window photograph collocation, note that east window, the curtain should be given priority to with pervious to light function, the Windows of the west, the curtain is given priority to with window function. Short and, Windows, unfavorable choose horizontal patterns and patterns of the small curtain, otherwise it will make Windows and interior space, more show shorter and shorter. Patterns of the vertical curtain, should be adopted in order to enlarge visual space.
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