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Curtain factory to teach you the four cardinal principles - curtain cloth art design Tonda home textiles co. , LTD

by:TONDA     2020-05-28
The design of the curtain there are many kinds of types. Associated with the design and interior design style. So, the choice of the curtain, design style is the first requirement. That is to say, all elements of the curtain, the first is to matching with indoor style. Curtain design, the choose and buy, and even decorate in household in, there are many the principle of visual art, follow these basic principles, we can build a good visual effect to the bedroom to decorate an ideal household environment. Contrast: contrast is artistic design is basic finalize the design skill, the two kinds of different things, such as form, color contrast is referred to as contrast. Such as square, the old and new, depth, thickness and so on. The element that opposes two apparently put in same space, through the design, make its oppose already humorous, contradict to be united again already, bright contrast is obtained in sharp contrast, get complementary with contented effect. This is the basic principles of the curtain design. Harmony: harmony contains humorous meaning. It is on the premise of meet the functional requirements, make the form of all sorts of indoor objects, color, light, quality, and the combination of humorous, as a very harmonious and unified whole. Also can be divided into the environment and the modelling of harmony, material texture, tonal harmony, harmony of style style and so on. Harmony can make people on the visual and psychological is halcyon, gentle satisfaction. The curtain to decorate the need to follow this principle. Traditional techniques to express the beauty of symmetry. Symmetry is, was the first master of human aesthetic principles. Symmetry is divided into absolute symmetry and relative symmetry. Up and down, left and right sides is symmetrical, isomorphic, with color, coessential called absolute symmetry. But in be being designed indoors, use is opposite semmetry. Feel to the person symmetrically order, grave, neat namely harmonious beauty. Balance: life does, actor walking a tightrope, give a person from the force balance of stable visual art to enjoy, give people visual balance, equilibrium is in accordance with the central axis, center of the shape and the same amount of body configuration, components, color photograph. Balance and symmetry in comparison, there are lively, vivid, harmonious, elegant lasting appeal. Curtain is in contact with the outside world bedroom channel, a direct impact on the sound inside the bedroom, light, heat, dust and other conditions, so the function of the curtain is, first and foremost, sound absorption, winter protection, adjust the light sound insulation, heat insulation, dust-proof, peeping prevention, etc. At the same time, the design of a novel and chic, beautiful color coordination of the curtain, also can make the bedroom artistic taste, pleasing and beautiful.
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