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by:TONDA     2020-05-26
The curtain is each family one of essential household home textiles, has a simple processing fabrics made of simple series, also have fine gauze, tassel luxurious style of whole battle. As an important soft adornment of the bedroom, the curtain at the same time, reflect master grade and emotional appeal also reflects the overall effect of the bedroom, so consumer is buying, generally more concerned about the color and the style of the curtain, and, in fact, the curtain products, there are also indicators need to pay attention to safety. In this issue we invite relevant experts for you to read the key points of choose and buy of the curtain. What are the functions of the curtain in the home? Answer: ( 1) To protect privacy. Use curtain shade outside the line of sight, increase the private space of confidentiality, is one of the important role of the curtain. In this sense, different indoor area, concern for the protection of privacy has a different standard. Sitting room those family members public activity area, for the protection of privacy requirements are relatively low, most of the family living room are pulled open the curtain, normally the curtain belongs to the state of decoration. For the areas such as bedroom, bathroom, people is high to the requirement of the curtain of privacy, even the best don't see the shadow. ( 2) Adjust the light. The curtain has the effect of adjust indoor light, lighting and shading can be according to the needs of life. , for example, dark when we rest requirements, work, study demands when the light is bright, available at this time of the opening and closing of the curtain to adjust indoor light intensity. In the sunlight or strong sun western window, wooden floor and carpet, piano, furniture, etc. Under the influence of high temperature high prone to fade or deformation, affect its function and role, even at this time of the curtain shading bask in, have very good protection effect. ( 3) Beautify the place. The curtain for many ordinary families, is one of the biggest ornamental metope. Bright colors, rich patterns, styles and changeable curtain's role in the interior decoration is very important. Therefore, the curtain to choose well or not, may often plays an important role. Through different styles and materials to decorate metope, the rational use of curtain will make colorful decorative effect, make household more beautiful more character. ( 4) Sound-absorbing noise reduction. We know that the spread of the sound is a straight line, the window glass for voice reflectivity is relatively high, and the curtain for the reflectivity of sound is relatively low. So, when a curtain, also can reduce the reflection of sound, improve the interior sound reverberation effect. Also, the curtain is beneficial to absorb part of noise from the outside, improve the interior sound environment. What are the main types of the fabric of the curtain? What is the difference? A: used as the curtain cloth there are plenty of options, from process classification mainly has printed fabric, dyeing cloth, yarn-dyed fabric. ( 1) Prints. On the plain fabric printed with transfer or rotary screen and otherwise referred to as printed color, design. Its characteristic: the colour is gorgeous, rich patterns, fine. ( 2) Dyeing cloth. Fabric after bleaching processing practice, through processing and color will be grey with all sorts of color produce finished fabric, referred to as the dyeing cloth. Its characteristic: simple but elegant and natural. ( 3) Yarn-dyed fabric. According to the requirements of design to sort of yarn dyed, then through woven color pattern as yarn-dyed fabric. Its characteristics: good color fastness, yarn-dyed grain is bright, stereoscopic effect. Curtain cloth detection what standards? What are the test projects? Answer: at present, the curtain cloth of commonly used detection standards mainly include: FZ/T62022 - 2012 home home textiles window screening, FZ/T72019 - 2013 the curtains in warp knitting fabrics and FZ/T62011. 1 - 2008 'there shall be hangings of cloth art product, part 1:' three.
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