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Curtain manufacturer of choose and buy: see material parts and color is the key - Tonda home textiles co. , LTD

by:TONDA     2020-05-26
Skills to see materials, accessories and color of choose and buy when the curtain of choose and buy, consumer should grasp what skills? To this, Huang Weihang introduction, main curtain should grasp the choose and buy materials, accessories and color three links. On material, when consumer choose and buy, should carefully identify fabric density. Generally high density fabric, washable and practical. , some of the fabric such as embroidery, will have to see the fabric production technology level, such as check the embroidery on the presence of thread, thread embroidery make sure technology more poor. In addition, to identify cotton cloth, basically see cloth will particles, if the particles, the quality of the cotton are not reliable. General curtain accessories, accessories including curtain rod, orbit, shade head, lace, curtain hook, etc. These parts can't dismiss, its relationship to the long-term use of the curtain effect. Hardware accessories, in particular, be sure to choose and buy quality, durable products. In addition to the quality, the curtain colour collocation is very important. According to the average family decorate a style and color, tie-in corresponding color curtain, color is given priority to with warm color as far as possible.
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