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by:TONDA     2020-05-30
Style of the curtain design is more and more, more and more different cases, how to choose the most satisfied also take great pains to consumers. Small make up summarizes some choose to the doorway of the curtain, the owner in need can be under reference. A, the choice of the colour: at present, the curtain on the market of the curtain is colourful, colorful. Homeowners in the choice of the curtain, want to decorate a style according to oneself, selection and matching of the curtain, in order to have the effect that make the finishing point. Such as ivory metope, match the curtain of light red can show the effect of the magnificence; Such as shallow milk yellow metope, match brown curtains, will appear more sweet and comfortable; If the metope of children room is light green, can match with green or yellow curtain, in order to increase its tong qu. In addition, the choice of the curtain colour also note family characteristics, such as wedding room curtain colors should be bright, strong, in order to add lively and happy atmosphere; The elderly bedroom curtain appropriate USES element static, gentle tone, to quiet, harmonious atmosphere. Bedroom and living room colour should also be different, the former curtain appropriate light and quiet; The latter should be strong, give a person the sense with solemnity. Curtain colour choice will differ according to the changing seasons, color should be light in summer, winter appropriate depth of color, in order to change people's psychological feeling of hot and cold. In addition, in the same room, had better choose the same colour and pattern of the curtain, to keep the whole beauty, also can prevent to produce mixed and disorderly feeling. Second, the quality of a material of choice: the curtain of the curtain on the market main current popular texture have cotton, polyester-cotton, linen material, knitting polyester, all kinds of blended, etc. Because the material is qualitative different, the curtain of the price difference is bigger also, in various ways to decorate the suitability of each are not identical also, specific characteristics are as follows: ( 1) Tc: curtain fabric thin and elegant, beautiful patterns, if use green, blue wait for cool color to move, can increase the quiet and tastefully laid out and comfortable sense. ( 2) Hemp qualitative curtain: pattern convex concave, stereo sense is strong, rich colors, thin and pretty, have hang down feeling, high grade. ( 3) Smoke knitting polyester warp: mesh damask, pattern is distinct, stereo sense is strong, comfortable and generous. ( 4) Flowers crepe and velveteen: fabric thick, more color and pattern is stereo, price moderate, appear elegant and solemn. In addition, the thickness of the curtain, its use of the function is different also. Such as thin curtain, can shoot the baptism of strong sunlight into a slender and soft light, both to block the sun, and keep the indoor bright, bright and clean; And heavy flower crepe and velvet curtain effect is better in terms of prevent noise interference. At present, the general family are mostly used to hang a curtain only, therefore, on the choice of the curtain texture is shoulds not be too thick, also shoulds not be too thin, should choose four seasons for the curtain in order to increase its practicability. Now it is a layer of gauze qualitative curtain, a layer of cloth curtain, thus can be used according to different needs. 3, design, selection of pattern: design, selection of decorative pattern, with the size of the window of the room, the age of the occupants and coordinated indoor furniture style. If the window is short, unfavorable choose horizontal pattern and small decorative pattern, or you will make the window appears shorter, vertical pattern and pattern should be adopted, in order to increase big feeling; Design major, for a small window curtain, in case the window appears narrow; The pattern of the curtain should avoid twill, or it will cause the window tilt illusion. In addition, the vertical pattern can give a person with steady feeling. The couple's bedroom furniture style is novel, also should match with chic designs and patterns, beautiful curtain, make the room be permeated with the youth breath; And many of the elderly bedroom furniture of Chinese style style, simple, can choose decorative pattern, such as straight or with the characteristics of folk pattern curtain, make the room of primitive simplicity and elegant atmosphere. Four, the price of the curtain cloth: because the grade of the stores is different, that what it sells is the quality of the goods and the price also differs far, only a curtain cloth have ranged from 20 or 30 yuan to hundreds of yuan, every meters of price difference is in one hundred yuan of above, a house down, the curtain price may be thousands of yuan. So in the choice of the curtain, you must run a few stores, more in-depth comparison, for the price of less as far as possible, to buy good curtain as far as possible.
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