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by:TONDA     2020-05-30
Curtain can to block the sun scorching sunshine for us, the curtain of different style can also add different beauty for our bedroom, so basically every household will add curtain. So what's the style curtains? What are the maintenance of common sense of the curtain? Let below small make up to introduce for everybody! Styles of the style of the curtain of the curtain hanging curtain, waves, between, tying in, hanging type and open up and down, etc. Appropriate curtain style can correct the proportion of bad window, have the effect of equilibrium in space. In general, high and narrow window, can choose the length of the short curtain just over the window sill, and through a window frame, on both sides to try to expose the largest window, can make the effect increases the width, and shorten the window. Wide and short window, can choose high long curtain, curtain, let the shade curtain close to the window frame, cover window frame width, make up for the inadequacy of the length. At the same time, the use of the different room, choose the curtain also should be different. Such as the kitchen window, curtain and window. Sitting room or large room to choose floor long curtains, appear with handsome. 20 - curtain length than average room windowsill About 30 cm, width to the out of 16 cm is advisable. The curtain there are a variety of forms, such as between type, press the curtain type, lintel curtain type, open up and down, and so on. Smooth and symmetry between type, lift the curtain type soft beautiful, lintel shade type elegant and free from vulgarity. Choose what kind of form, according to the characteristics of the window and personal hobby. The curtain maintain common sense 1, vacuum at least once a week, especially pay attention to removing dust between the fabric structure. 2, can use double conversion, such as cushion should turn over once a week, make wear uniform distribution. 3, such as stained with besmirch, usable and clean dishcloth touchs water wipe, lest leave print, had better wipe from besmirch periphery case. Velvet furniture cannot touch water, should use dry cleaner. 4, all the tubes and bushing should be in dry cleaning cleaning, not washed, bleaching is prohibited. 5, such as found loose thread ends, not with the hand is pulled, applied scissors neatly cut flat.
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