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by:TONDA     2020-05-28
Curtain manufacturers say silk curtain of maintenance method! 1, real silk easy shrink, need before tailor first full, wait for shrink after appearing again tailor lives in things, fabrics of high-grade real silk is best and complete dry-clean. When launching the fabrics of different shades of colour and lustre to separate, otherwise it will take a color. 2, silk fiber is fine, easy corrugate, sewing curtains when stitching not too dense, stitch length to width, or the edge will wrinkle. 3, real silk is composed of protein fiber, very delicate, do not pay attention to cause fluff, hair flower, should not be when catharsis forcibly knead, also cannot machine wash. When catharsis, silk products should be in the first 30 ℃ water soak 5 ~ 10 minutes, with a special silk detergent, synthetic low foam detergent or neutral soap gently knead, then rinse in clean water. High-grade real silk fabrics is best dry-clean. 4, drying time facing, not to direct sunlight. 5, silk fiber can't afford to friction, furniture be careful not to let the surface coarse at ordinary times, article chafes its surface. 6, don't toward the surface of silk products spray deodorant, perfume, etc. ; Do not place together with camphor ball when the deposit, in order to avoid the color change.
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