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by:TONDA     2020-04-08
The curtain is essential to life household decoration, sitting room atmosphere only beautiful curtain, curtain of the bedroom warmth, curtain ornament to make our bedroom life look brand-new immediately, but as 'cherry tree good difficult to plant', the curtain is fine hard to wash, wash the curtain is to let countless families women headache for one thing, but, as usual, with home textiles brands spinning company, you can relax, because spinning coup think-tank will solve one by one to you. Teach you how to: cleaning the lace curtains decorated with lace curtain is not suitable for cleaning. Before cleaning can use soft brush gently brush, remove surface dirt. Velvet curtains: velvet curtain has the strong ability of absorbing dust removal after the application of hand shake a shake, the curtain has attached on the flannelette surface dust fall naturally, add with detergent water soak for about 15 minutes. Velvet curtain had better not use washing machine, it is recommended that the filter water with handle gently. Wash after don't hard twist dry, make water automatic drip dry. Shutter: shutter can be cleaned directly. On the curtain spraying the right amount of water, with a dry cloth. If the shutter shade of rope is dirty, can dip in with the wet dishcloth with detergent to clean. Because of the material and paint, blinds is relatively easy to fade, pay attention to not insolate. Shutter: shutter generally more difficult to remove, so only directly on the shutter dip in detergent to clean. When cleaning should pay special attention to the position of the shutter is easier to absorb dust around, if too much dust, usable soft brush to remove dust, reoccupy clear water is wiped clean. Can also spray some polish, can keep the book a long time to clean. Finally, the curtain avoid dehydration, drying, after cleaning should be natural airing, lest destroy the simple sense; The curtain of special material, had better send cleaners cleaning, to prevent deformation.
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