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by:TONDA     2020-05-27
Life is good, people began to pursue the quality of life, a variety of some didn't have to put in the home, small curtain and never let go. But you know, the color of the curtain and home feng shui big relationship, once the photograph rushs consequence is unimaginable. 1, the curtain with metope, furniture to avoid similar hue, such as the wall is yellow, and the curtain also USES cream-colored, apricot yellow, seemingly harmonious, actually in the bedroom to stay for a long time, so the color will inevitably feel psychological 'halo'; And like a weak light green metope, adopting the green curtain, although color is unified, but feels cold. 2, partial dark north room, suitable for neutral slants cold tonal, elegant emotional appeal; Daylighting is good sun room, millet, red or yellow curtains are chosen, so that the light adjustment into tender astigmatism, coordination of Yin and Yang. 3, as far as possible don't use pink curtain, can make the person produces cranial nerve weakness, fear, anxiety, angry, and fight the inevitable often happen. 4, curtain with the ground to avoid red and green, blue and orange, red and blue, yellow and purple color is tie-in, lest produce bad psychological feeling. 5, some curtain will appear some new, alternative design, may to cater to the young people seek novelty, but in feng shui may be unlucky. Say now common skeleton, modelling strange dolls, and a fierce animal, etc. , these are best to avoid, so as to avoid harmful to the host. Especially the old person room and more children room cannot be too careful.
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