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by:TONDA     2020-05-27
Household geomantic also have to pay attention to the wind, gas, good household geomantic fortunes of its aura also has a close relation with contact, in the layout of the home, everything is given priority to with geely's auras, good feng shui aura will naturally favor their own fortunes, below to parsing the curtain color and household. The, household curtain color choice curtain colour choice is general theory for target, in feng shui, such as common colors are white, yellow and red, it is best not to use too much red or black do the main color of the room, because too red or black can make people impulsive extreme, will also affect the person's mood and health. Second, the household the curtain color and the color of the curtain household agree with most of the colour of household needs, mostly household is given priority to with white in the home, for example, the curtain is recommended and household colour is consistent, will good aura, different color actually to feng shui of the residence also has different help, the aura is inconsistent. Three, home curtains colour and other household in the feng shui of the curtain also can be decided according to master their, such as 'Yang fire people' is the orientation of the southwest, is the color of 'for yellow, if the curtain of the residence is yellow, it is recommended that the yellow for house colors, the curtain is given priority to with yellow can strong master chart. Four curtains, household colour and orientation in different orientation and well used color also is different, for example, south: in fengshui, dominate the south inspiration and social skills; Green is a lively implication. Placed in the south of green plants, in addition to add the beauty of the green, the interpersonal relationship also have positive catalysis.
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