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by:TONDA     2020-04-04
Many customers in the consumer, often like to shop around, so when he walked into your store, have had some understanding to other stores, bed is tasted. At this point, the customer may say: 'just the shop and the style of your home, designs are about the same, but the price is much cheaper oh'. At this time how do you reply? 1. To avoid wrong answer error response: 'you can't only look at the price, their quality no good. 'Comments: when customers show you expensive than other shops, some shoppers often belittle other stores to reply customer. This way is not in conformity with the principle of fair competition in the same industry; And customers will feel the seller is also in claims melons, didn't say why the price difference. Wrong answer 2: 'where, their XX products more expensive than our store? 'Comments: buy a lot of dealing with this price discrepancy, will dedicate their store to prove a product other than your own, it didn't catch the center of gravity of the problem. You may store the product price is lower than that of the others really, but it is not customer need. But at this moment is the key problem of you but not to the advantage of their products. Wrong answer three: 'this is our brand home textiles, they can't than. 'Review: that similar with the first statement, belittle other to rise to the method of the store, and does not affect customers, besides' brand indicates a high price '. 2. Difficulty analysis of home textiles product of millions of the market, there are always some types of products, style is similar but the price is far, the assistants to the in the mind clear, but the customer may not clear, so the seller to explain to the customer on this issue, why products are similar, but the price is not the same. Seller to recognize customer point of view, and respect the customer's question, and then through the introduction to their own product advantage, let the customer know and understand the cause of the price is not the same. 3. Correct case demonstration customer: 'I'm in the store next door to see a similar product with you, they are much cheaper here than you. Guide ', 'is that some bed is tasted, at first glance look next door and we do the same, so a lot of customers are also compared between the two brands, though we are slightly higher than they are a little on the price, but after comparing most customers choose our products, because we have XX process of bed is tasted, XX efficacy ( List some more product's selling point) 。 。 。 。 。 。 So, what I say is certainly not enough light, and you try to know personally. '4. Coping skills to deal with this sort of approach is to tell the customer even the price slightly higher than the other shop, but our customers more than they. So that customers will be very want to know why in this case there are so many customers choose us. Then we can start from the emphasis on its own brand advantages to actively guide customers understand the product, product experience. Skill: don't belittle competitors when comparing two stores customers, the seller must first clear, don't belittle rivals, if our own products or brands, there is no need by belittling others to improve myself, because we degrade competitors also tend to reduce his image in the eyes of customers. Skills 2: focus customers encounter this kind of circumstance, the seller can agree with customer claims and thank the customer goodwill remind to woo customers, at the same time easy to tell the customer we begin with other products, and guide the customer experience a unique product, immediately to transfer the customer's attention.
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