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Customized wedding bed is tasted, the couple wedding bedding strategy - the choose and buy Tonda home textiles co. , LTD

by:TONDA     2020-04-26
New New Year, each couple to have new bedding at home. About one third of one's life time is spent on the bed, bed mat, shop, pillow, cover, choose whether proper, have a close relationship to human body health, and even has great influence to the person's mood. How to choose and buy? Spinning home textiles for you to provide wedding bedding to choose strategy: 4 times to compare common bed is tasted, for example, respectively, bedspread, bed sheets, quilts and pillows. Spinning home textiles: new wedding bedding to choose strategy 1, bedspread: bed cover is on the bed of the more important thing, is the bed decorations, into the bedroom is first sight of it, it is the tone of the bedding, because the bedspread is not close to the person's skin, not necessarily cotton products, can choose dacron or poplin, crisp not dozen crepe for it. Color bright, printing, embroidery, embossed, etc of large design more beautiful, the color of the room with furniture, style photograph humorous, because it is a wedding, or want to have a warm happy atmosphere, to reflect the host's temperament and breeding. 2, bed sheets, bed sheets is the main products, had better choose hygroscopicity good natural cotton goods, or choose fiber cotton, such as bed sheets soft and comfortable. Dacron kind of polyester-cotton blended poor hygroscopicity, easy to produce static electricity, stained with dust, and to choose also choose polyester composition of lower. Use the newlyweds sheet, appropriate chooses bright colors, many large tinted pattern, to foil a warm atmosphere of joy. Sheet shoulds not be too thick too thick, because dust easily through the sheets of perforation deposition on the mattress. Mattress to be hard for good, because spring mattress or foam pad small benefits to human body, especially children more should not choose this kind of mattress. Bedding for the single wide shoulder breadth of 2 to the human body. Five times as appropriate, double use of bedding with two people shoulder breadth of double advisable. 3, the quilt: choose by table can choose silk quilt. Stopped by to cotton fabric as well. Quilt fabric width to 1 times the shoulder width, the length of the quilt should be 30 to 50 cm long than the human body. The thickness of the quilt should be determined according to the the temperature of the room. Widely used in the market now is bedding bag, quilt set in directly, good in good wash, more convenient. Cotton were eliminated, stores sell now basically is to use the material such as silk cotton, vacuum cotton sewing ready-made quilt, warm and light and good cleaning. 4, pillow, the pillow pillow core, filling with cotton, duck feather or buckwheat husk ideal, pillow core is not too high, when the hypothesis to a punch is high, the lateral blow half is more suitable. Pillow core set of the fabric, should choose close to avoid the pillow core filler, fines, outside the pillowcase during sleep is to use, also want to decorative, colour wants to be coordinated with the whole room decoration, quality of a material should be chosen hygroscopic good cotton products. Well, about the choose and buy wedding bedding and customized, small make up here, there is a problem welcome to inquire spinning le home textiles.
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