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by:TONDA     2020-05-29
On taobao has a fresh product, name is intelligent curtain. Smart home, believe the word is already not strange to you, because it is at our side, smart TV, intelligent air conditioning, intelligent washing machine, intelligent air purifier has entered our life. Did you ever had this experience: how can the window curtain and high easily open and close? The ceiling curtain don't bother to move it? North wind howling in the evening don't go home when how can you close the curtain of the home in a baffle dust? Hopes that the basement of the projection screen to automatically combined with lighting, projection play to automatic mode, from the heart friend said don't want to own audio-visual leisure place enough comfort and class. Electric curtains can be within a specified time, such as early open automatically at 7:00 and late number is automatically shut down. Do dustproof, sunscreen, windproof. Can combine home theater lighting, family gatherings, such as automatic closed the curtain, can in the courtyard landscape lighting mode automatically when open electric curtain. In the audio-visual room playing home theater, a button on the remote control can let you and friends into auto lighting, auto electric screen, automatically shut down the curtain, automatic open TV, VCD, projector and other equipment to build the seeing and hearing world. But remind you when the choose and buy, different from the traditional curtain, intelligent curtain needs a motor, so choose dc motor, because of the dc motor is safe, reliable, high efficiency, no fever, low noise, low emissions, completely conform to the requirements of the national security level.
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