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Decorate to choose material to real wood floor five sales scams - Tonda home textiles co. , LTD

by:TONDA     2020-05-14
At present, the market is a great variety of real wood floor, wood species of each different, let a person dazzling. Many friends without too much energy when decorate, also do not have too much professional knowledge to identify the quality of real wood floor, leading some illegal floor manufacturers, dealers often will deceive consumers, to this, we teach you to identify the five sales scheme of real wood floor: first, the name of real wood floor board game on the market some dealers will be a nice name fool you, let consumers is difficult to compare with commonly known as alternative name of commodity, such as: rich wood, ivory wood red wingceltis, golden wood, Brazil and so on, consumers are easy to relate these nice name and rare tree species. But these are only general ordinary material, such as red wingceltis 'Brazil' is just another child Beijing 'wood'. Buy the wrong wood loss per square metre of real wood floor can be as high as dozens or even hundreds of yuan. Second, brush paint cover material illegal businessmen main methods are: ( A) , surface with color paint, bottom cover with aluminum film bug, decayed, cracking and other also known as 'anti-corrosion, moisture-proof'; ( 2) Surface with additive color paint, bottom cover with filling putty primer bug, decayed, cracking, etc. Let the consumer can't see real texture of wood, cover board face defects, achieve the goal of shoddy; The two is not only harmful to health, and 1 - real wood floor in the installation Two years later, decoloring phenomenon is serious. The third, the raw material of real wood floor shoddy inspection to prevent the raw material of real wood floor of class B, class C board incorporating into grade A material sale, at the same level of material A and B in wood material prices vary more than dozens of yuan per square metre. If in A grade material with 10% of the class B material, unit price will fall - 10 yuan 20 yuan. This is the most commonly used many illegal businessmen more shoddy gimmick. Fourth, the specification from real wood floor of real wood floor thickness. Such as to sell 17 mm thickness plate when 18 mm, consumer is when the choose and buy is hardly noticed the details, only for 1 mm price could reach 5 yuan - 10 yuan/square meters or more. Fifth, hollow ensure after-sales service many businesses boasting before buying to cover five years or even 10 years, after buying no matter, or pass the buck, or cut corners on installation, etc. National standard is one year warranty, actually can do 2 years warranty, the brand has been pretty good, and 5 years, 10 years, these commitments is confusing and difficult to cash. So when buying real wood floor, must find more credibility, do long-term dealers in the market, and buy a little bit better brand, some brand floor change a floor board regularly, it is important to note.
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