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Down jacket three common pitfalls - chosen Tonda home textiles co. , LTD

by:TONDA     2020-05-14
The 20th China international feather expo opened on December 5, feather high-tech creative products popular expo the day how to select feather products? Choose down jacket 3 common pitfalls feather fair for electricity times down to 'private custom' cold air coming these days, when the wind is let people first thought is a down jacket. Down jacket is a good thing against cold in winter. Its types are divided into quite a variety: light down jacket, windproof breathable, and so on. Various publicity words make a person dazzling. Summarizes several for you to buy down jacket three erroneous zone, let everybody contentment to find suits own down jacket. Myth: thick coats warmer filled RongLiang refers to the total weight of all the feather down jacket filling, it has to do with clothes size, length, style, the national standard is not mandatory to this metric. But what need reminds is, the more not imitation velvet, clothes the heavy, down jacket is warm. Because, with the increase of filling density by filling the conduction and the heat loss is also increasing. Improve the feather filling volume is the key to improve the warmth retention property, the higher the volume, feather contains insulating air, so heat insulation performance is better. This is why in recent years, some light down jacket on the market, heat preservation effect is very good reason. Some filling RongLiang more down jacket mixed with feather feather silk, velvet silk and FenSuiMao, are the same, even if downcontent its volume also fell. Currently on the market, the average price down jacket, volume is around 450 - 500, the price is slightly higher, down jacket, volume can reach 600 - 900. Erroneous zone 2: the higher the downcontent as possible according to the national standard clothing, clothing and filling RongLiang down category must be clearly defined, downcontent. Downcontent refers to the percentage of wool and wool yarn in down and feather content, according to the regulation, downcontent shall not be less than 50%. Downcontent similar coats, the higher the heat preservation effect is better. However, consumer choice commonly 70% - 80% of downcontent can meet the demand. Myth 3: down jacket feels no feathers terriers, as soft as possible, experts say, is the high quality feather contains limits small terrier MAO is very normal, if special soft to the touch, touch less than stem and be careful to buy such products. Because some manufacturer will break after scraps, fluffy cotton, feather, fill in the clothing, as a feather to deceive consumers. Not only short of good heat preservation effect, health may also not up to standard. To understand the above a few pitfalls, consumer is in when choosing will be easier.
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