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by:TONDA     2020-05-22
Before the duvet collection up, duvet need clean, because in winter long in use process, duvet and parasitic microorganism in internal moisture, in addition to cleaning, still should bask in the sun before collection. Duvet is difficult to wash, a down jacket is very heavy very difficult to wash after soaking, then duvet is how to wash to maintain the duvet warmth retention property is not falling, fluffy and warm next year? Please have a look at how finishing washing duvets for us? Dry cleaning: money spent warmth 'out' many people don't think the duvet trouble, again afraid oneself wash is not good, so get a dry cleaners dry cleaning. Little imagine, dry cleaning dry cleaner can make cloth and down aging, affect duvet warmth retention property. And the residual chemicals also harmful to health. So in general, if duvet is not particularly dirty, big can be washed at home. Machine wash: saves energy feather 'fly' in the inside of the duvet, seam have a small label with maintenance and washing instructions, attentive person can discover, 90% of the duvet to hand. Machine wash and dry can make duvet filler uneven, clothing contorts, drill, even affect beautiful and warmth retention property. So duvet had better be in the process of using a condom, so white duvets don't very dirty, choose a sunny day, take out hand washing, can call family help, duvet don't need to often wash, wash immediately tan, tan dry write collection up again, or duck down moldy easily.
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