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by:TONDA     2020-04-23
Winter has really come, hebei has the lowest temperature since the will usher in the winter! Winter is coming, are you afraid of? Today, spinning le home textiles small make up to introduce to you the secret of winter to keep warm. That is down! Don't know how to choose? Don't try so hard, and to listen to me slowly! Spinning home textiles research and development experts recommend the following methods, take you into the 'king of duvet' magical world! Duvet advantages: first, gently warm: currently, the world does not have any heat preservation material can more than down heat preservation performance. Combined with the feather and full of elasticity, its light volume equal to 2. Eight times. Touch the skin so duvet not only soft and warm, and feeling better! Wet absorption, air: duvet is referred to as 'breathing quilt'. To settle, it can make the person's central nervous soon enter sweet dreamland, therefore also has some effect on beauty, it is this 'beauty' under the duvet. Third, the human body in the sleep state, a night out about 170 cc water, bedding in commonly used will soon accumulate too much moisture, easy to form a hotbed of germs. It is not difficult to find in our daily life, such as people to embrace the quilt up bask in, will always be found at the bottom of a quilt has obvious traces of wet. Duvet down fiber has thousands of breathing pores and surface triangle with waterproof oils, but varies with the temperature and humidity change automatic contraction or expansion, can quickly absorb sweat of the human body, as well as the moisture and spread quickly, keep the quilt clean and the human body is dry, use for a long time also can prevent the formation of rheumatism. Duvet identification method: using acrylic fake feather products made of cotton to add a few feather, identification method is: ( 1) Touch. This duvet is often by being spread a layer of down and feather, while the core is acrylic cotton lining. Buy outside with hand touching the carefully, like a touch some hair stem, while the other side is very soft and smooth, consider may be counterfeit products. ( 2) Pat. With both hands respectively from the inside and the surface of the same parts inside of the flap padding to the same direction, if is really duvets, will because of take out the part of the feather concentrated, and the other part where there is sunshine will be bright. If you have any acrylic cotton flocculant is false duvets, won't appear this kind of circumstance. Made of crushed velvet feather products, identification method is: ( 1) Touch. If the quilts feel is very soft, touch less than a bit of hair stem, consider whether for the production of crushed velvet duvet. ( 2) Weigh in hand. Made the whole feather duvets light weigh in hand in hand, quilted. While the feather products made of crushed velvet feel heavy. ( 3) Pat. The duvet flat, with the hand gently pat. If the volume is high, it is top grade, such as the coma death, such as cotton, is mostly made of crushed velvet duvet.
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