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by:TONDA     2020-05-18
Duvet padding is mainly feather, feather is long, the goose and duck's stomach into reed flowers of villi, the slice of feathers. The feather is a kind of animal protein fibers, cotton ( Plant cellulose) High heat preservation, and feather ball fiber in the thousands of tiny pores, triangle can change with the temperature expansion and contraction, temperature adjustment function, can absorb the human body is sending out flow of heat, isolated from the outside cold air invasion. The characteristics of the soft. With HanRongLv 50% down test, its light volume equal to 2. Eight times, 2 wool. 2 times. The lightest weight of the same volume of quilts & comforters, duvets, about 1/3 of the quilt, wool yarn by 1/2, duvets so not only soft and warm, and sense of touch skin. Feather bedding popular in Europe and the United States, with its advantages in Germany, feather bedding penetration rate is 80%, Japan 70%, with 40% in America, luxury hotel almost all adopt the feather bedding. Duvet breathable dry, wet sex is strong, do not harden, what other heat preservation material does not have the good performance of the moisture absorption of divergence, known as' breathing a quilt. In the family of the quilt, are the most expensive in duvet, duvet the warmth retention property, no doubt, because of the feather itself is triangle skeleton structure, so the air storage capacity is large, good insulating property, to maintain the body temperature of the quilt, not susceptible to the influence of the indoor temperature, this is the general duvets, can be used in the bedroom is not necessarily a low temperature, may only be used three seasons, spring, autumn, winter. Duvet durable, but also have certain effect on the beauty. Duvet not harden, deformation, very durable, usually a duvet can use more than 30 years. At ordinary times as long as pay attention to when using sharp Liverpool will not be cut, do not directly with the sun, in the open air to dry on a regular basis to keep down performance. Central nervous to stability, and it can make quickly into the sweet dreams, it also has a certain effect on beauty, the same is true of 'beauty lies in under the duvet. Duvet is suitable for the patients with high blood pressure and prevention of rheumatism and arthritis. Patients with high blood pressure during sleep, can not be too heavy quilt cover, or have an effect on blood pressure. The duvet in all of the bedding material the most gentle, patients with no pressure. Because of the cold and damp, people are vulnerable to the erosion of cold and suffer from rheumatism and arthritis. Duvet in addition to its superior thermal performance, but also wet permeability, moisture out of body eduction, dry the body, should not be suffer from rheumatism and arthritis. Duvet penetration other quilt the normal service life of only 5 years or so,, and the duvet with proper maintenance can be used for 18 years, so although duvet price relatively expensive, but the price is very high. Duvet penetration rate more than 90% in Japan, Europe and the United States penetration rate reached 60%, utilization rate of foreign luxury five-star hotel of more than 80%, high quality fine has become developed countries. 。 。 Duvet in the identification of a press: duvet relax smooth, to restore its natural three minutes, and then press the quilt with the hand, then the hand, if we can rebound soon recover, is the best. Two touch: touch pinch try its soft degree, whether full or too little rushes greater than thick long feather, feather tube, etc. Such as soft and full of small feather is authentic products. Three: flap forcibly quilt, see any dust overflow, dust overflow quantity is less, the better. Four rubbing: with both hands knead a quilt, if there are any plush drill, its fabric is imitation velvet, unfavorable choose and buy. Five smell: close to take a deep breath duvet several times, no peculiar smell is best. Six phase modulation: ok one weighed down with the hand, watch the size of the volume and weight of the light volume, the bigger the better. 1 maintenance of common sense. When using, should set of bedding bag, if have defiled, duvet should send dry cleaners dry cleaning, and general fiber can be directly machine wash. 2. Fabric is treated with down-proof duvets, there is a little small holes will be drilled down, so be careful when using, avoid sharp thorns cut the quilt. 3. Choose the good weather, the quilt hanging in a well ventilated and no direct sunshine place to dry, 10 o 'clock in the morning to 3 PM is the best time. Duvet cleaning ( 1) Cotton fabric when cleaning, should first put washing powder detergents (such as Do not use detergent containing bleaching compositions) In the water, after being completely dissolved, add the cotton fabric. ( 2) Generally soaking time less than half an hour, when cleaning the water temperature is generally not more than 40 degrees. ( 3) When cleaning, light color products to wash separately with dark products, to avoid staining. ( 4) Quilt drying, choose suitable ventilation, no place, direct sun in the morning 10 PM to 3 PM is the best time. Best will be taking down when dry. ( 5) Such as lace, pendant ornaments under desirable must take first wash again.
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