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by:TONDA     2020-05-21
Duvet advantages: a soft warm: currently, the world does not have any heat preservation material than down heat preservation performance. Combined with the feather and full of elasticity, HanRongLv as 50% down test, its light volume equal to 2. Eight times. Touch the skin so duvet not only soft and warm, and feeling better! Hygroscopic divergence: duvet breathable dry, what other heat preservation material does not have the good performance of the moisture absorption of divergence, known as' breathing a quilt. Central nervous to settle quickly into the sweet dreams, it also has a certain effect on beauty, 'beauty lies in under the duvet just because of this reason. Cause discomfort of the skin and the trachea, because has thousands of down fiber can breath triangle of porosity and surface with waterproof oils, but varies with the temperature and humidity change automatic contraction or expansion, can quickly absorb sweat of the human body, as well as the moisture and spread quickly, keep the quilt is clean and the human body is dry, use for a long time also can prevent the formation of rheumatism. What is FangYuBu material: feather cloth is smaller values of the linear density, the density of large thin fabric, due to the commonly used for clothing, duvets, fabrics, and can prevent the feather out outward, so it is also called the flannelette, FangYuBu, feather cloth structure tightly, smooth fine clean, feel is smooth, shiny, breathable feather, fast wear-resisting. How to increase the service life of the duvet duvet not knot loaves of bread, changeless form, do not harden and service life for 30 years, usually can enjoy a good night's sleep. At ordinary times as long as pay attention to when using sharp Liverpool will not be cut, do not directly with the sun, in the open air to dry on a regular basis to keep down performance.
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