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by:TONDA     2020-04-23
Recently, the microblogging heat transfer using electric blanket may affect female endocrine disorders, may kill a man's sperm, more can make the pregnant mother. So, the rumor is true? Is false? The charm of the weather is getting cold, warm bed to resist, especially at the mothers, warm warm this season is Paramount. A lot of people like the electric blanket on the shop, while they were sleeping, but for pregnant women, whether electric blanket for sleep? Rich Anna remind: electric blanket to be cautious with expectant mothers! If you need to use electric blanket, can use before going to bed, pull the plug after go to bed. In addition to the electric blanket, heating equipment such as hot water bag, warm baby don't being too close to pregnant belly, in case the threaten to fetal health. 'Almost every pregnant women pay attention to keep warm in winter, but few know excessive heat preservation is not good. 'Luoyang medical college hospital among health care division director lilin to introduce, if pregnant woman long sleep on a bed of electric blanket, and fetus is bad to oneself. Because the electric blanket can make pregnant women increased body temperature, the fetus is very sensitive to temperature, high temperature can cause uterine contractions of the outside world, impact position, serious when can cause fetal malformations or abortion. At the same time, the electric blanket of electromagnetic radiation is low, but in patients with heart disease, infants and pregnant women there are potential dangers. The sleep quality, directly affects their own and the health of the fetus. If lack of sleep or poor quality, easy to cause miscarriage, fetal dysplasia, it is easier to stir even after the birth of children. Pregnant women should be given priority in order to improve the sleep quality, need not deliberately pursue sleep time, high-quality bedding can help improve sleep quality, rich Anna home textiles remind mother-to-be choose bedding, pay attention to the following: 1. The key is a bed, a good mattess is the beginning of a good sleep. Expectant mothers choose a mattress of hardness is a bit stronger. But the bed board is good, otherwise you will reduce the buffer force of person. 2. The ideal bedding is cotton cotton package. Mothers-to-be unfavorable use chemical fiber blended fabric for bedding bag and sheet, because the body during pregnancy is relatively sensitive, chemical fabric easy to stimulate the skin, causing itching. 3. The pillow to shoulder height is appropriate. Will force the neck pillow is too high proneness and oppression of carotid artery, allowing oxygen to the brain, the decline in the quality of sleep. 4. Summer mosquito nets. Nets are not just for avoid mosquito windproof, adsorption of dust in the space, also can have the effect of air filter. Use of mosquito nets during pregnancy helps sleep.
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