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by:TONDA     2020-04-22
The stand or fall of a quilt can decide our sleep, also can improve our high quality life! In early spring, the weather gradually warming, a good quilt more prominent importance. Everyone know cotton products are comfortable, bedding, too, but how to choose pure cotton home textiles products? Let home textiles manufacturers tell you! The characteristics of pure cotton fabric, it is soft, comfortable, breathable, and the human body has a natural softness. First: pure cotton fabric has better moisture absorption and platoon is wet. Cotton fiber can absorb the moisture from the air, the moisture content can be up to eight 10%. So when the material come into contact with a person's skin will feel soft and comfortable; And when the cotton fiber humidity, environment temperature, under the condition of high moisture in cotton fiber will evaporate, keeping cotton fiber a state of water balance, such a person will also feel comfortable. Second: pure cotton fabrics are usually good warmth retention property. Because the cotton itself has porous, resilient, so between the cotton fiber can store large amounts of air, the air is a poor conductor of heat and electricity, so pure cotton fabric has good warmth retention property. Third: cotton is a natural fiber, contact with the skin without any stimulation and side effects. Long health beneficial harmless to human body, the use of good performance. Fourth: pure cotton fabric has a certain heat resistance. Experiments show that the temperature of 0 degrees Celsius below 110 ℃, will only make pure cotton fabrics surface evaporation, and won't damage the fabric itself, it is fully proved that the cotton fabric has a certain heat resistance. Fifth: pure cotton fabrics also have certain resistance to alkali, washable and durable. As we all know, the commonly used detergent is alkaline, pure cotton fabrics have a certain resistance to alkali, can ensure that in alkaline solution, cotton fiber will not is damaged, it helps to pollution of washing. Pure cotton fabrics has so many advantages, so it in the application of home textiles products more widely.
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