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【 Experts 】 This paper analyzes the reason of the home textile product rub off - home textile plant Tonda home textiles co. , LTD

by:TONDA     2020-04-22
Home textiles in use process will inevitably affected by light, washing, ironing, perspiration, friction, and the role of the chemical agents and other various kinds of the outside world, under the effect of these home textiles will rub off, and even can give something else dyed, so be rubbing fastness of home textiles. Clothes will suffer in the process of wear factors such as friction, water, perspiration, dyes and fabrics combined with the weak will swim to human skin, because of human perspiration and saliva in catalysis, also can make dye decomposition and cause harm to human body health. Color fastness is a generic, textile color fastness is color fastness ( Color fastness for short) Dyed fabric, simulation in use process, subjected to external factors ( Extrusion, friction and washing, drench, exposure, lighting, water immersion, saliva dipping, water damage, perspiration, etc. ) Under the action of the fading degree, is an important index of the fabric. Color fastness is level 5 to 9, 1, 1 - 2,2,2 - 3 filling - 4,4,4 - 5, 5) The highest level 1, level 5, almost can't do. Color fastness test is a very complex job, usually to send to professional testing institutions, color fastness to testing in addition to the general resistance to washing and light, and three commonly used color fastness to rubbing this project, but also strengthen the resistance to water, perspiration, acid alkali spot, spot, hypochlorite bleaching, peroxide bleaching, such as formaldehyde fastness test. How to choose appropriate home textiles products? Teach you how to choose and buy entrance summer can choose cool color attune such as light green, light gray, sapphire blue, white home textiles products; Winter can choose purple, ash warm color such as yellow, orange; Neuter and tonal colors such as beige, yellow, green, pink series such as mild and strong affinity, can use all the year round. Another different fabrics, can produce different effect, simple natural cotton and linen cloth, calico romance, rich gorgeous silks and satins, velvet and elegant solemn, fabrics of different visual effect is different also, create different atmosphere. Tip: consumer is when the choose and buy bed is tasted must pay attention to its pH. PH levels will cause itching and inflammation. The current limit on textiles pH is a mandatory standard, textile pH should be 4. 0 to 7. 5.
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