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by:TONDA     2020-04-07
The weather turns cool, many owners to acquire bedding, should have been home textile enterprises in marketing 'spring' consumption season, however, the recent frequent home textile product contains decomposable carcinogenic aromatic amine dyes, dyeing fastness indicators such as unqualified problems, the busy early to home textile market and covered with a layer of haze. Fancy products or contain carcinogens recently, there have been media Revelations, look at the more fancy home textile product, the easier latent danger. August and September, the Beijing municipal industrial and commercial bureau and the Beijing consumers' association issued a bedding respectively test report, including the main problems are: detection can decompose carcinogenic aromatic amine dyes, color fastness, such as fiber content index is unqualified. Last week, the bureau of quality and technical supervision of guangdong province also announced the 27 kinds of special product quality supervision and spot check result of guangdong province, 19 batches of the product quality is unqualified, which also involves the color fastness is unqualified, fiber content and other indicators. At that time, the quality problem of the home textile product is pushed to the forefront. Recently, the reporter visited found that sells on the market of home textile products with colour and lustre is gorgeous design more to attract the attention of consumers. When many consumers to buy home textiles products focus on appearance, but ignored the fancy home textiles product may be hazardous to health 'invisible killer'. Textiles in the process of production to add some dyes, auxiliaries, such as partial inferior home textile product also contains formaldehyde and can decompose carcinogenic aromatic amine, if long-term exposure to people, may do harm to health. Among them, the formaldehyde exists in the finishing agent of textile products, residues after contact with the human body may produce certain effect to the respiratory tract, skin. In general, formaldehyde is soluble in water, after washing can remove most of the formaldehyde. However, decomposable aromatic amine toxicity is stronger, indistinguishable from the textile appearance, can be found only by technical inspection, and cannot be eliminated, the dye after contact with a person's skin, can cause many diseases, even at the risk of cancer. Carcinogens are derived from the early stage of the processing link in the result of sampling observation of nearly a few times, can always find 'home textile product contains decomposable carcinogenic aromatic amine dyes' word, can decompose carcinogenic aromatic amine was? 'Can decompose carcinogenic aromatic amine dyes is a textile products are more likely to be colored, toxic chemicals and the color is more bright. The dye of low cost, fast color, some small textile factories as raw materials for processing. 'She spins assistant general manager yong-mei zhao, as early as ten years ago already is banned in China using aromatic amine dyes, and compulsory standards' national textile basic safety technical specifications '( GB18401 - 2010). Also clear requirements, infant textile products ( Such as bedding) , direct contact with the skin of the textile products ( Such as bed sheet, bedding bag) And of the textile products (without direct contact to skin Such as bedspread, curtain) Three kinds of products are banning the use of decomposable carcinogenic aromatic amine dyes. 'A production of home textile products, usually by the home textile enterprise design first, then order to the dye factory, dyeing factory purchasing fabric, dyeing and printing design and color according to the requirements. After the home textile enterprises to fabric inspection acceptance, finally by cutting, sewing, processing into finished products, factory inspection qualified after the sale. 'Said zhu xiaohong, has showed the home textile product dimensional changes in color fastness, aromatic amine, and PH value falls below, belong to do the preliminary processing link problems such as fabric, printing and dyeing, not home textile enterprises in the production line problem. Now, most of the home textile enterprises rarely direct production of fabrics, only responsible for the following product processing, basic won't produce carcinogens in the subsequent link. Learn to consumer choose and buy 'one, two touch, three leave certificate' a smell. Close to smell home textile product whether there is excitant odour, especially folding packaging. If you have, the product may have problem of formaldehyde; Two touch. If the tactility of present products is poorer, coarse wool, had better not be bought; 3. In the commodity purchase after a period of time, try to keep all the documents about the goods, including: buy instrument, home textile, tags, etc. , product after-sales rights protection in the future when the credentials.
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