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by:TONDA     2020-04-10
There is a saying 'every woman should have a pair of good shoes' in the same way, 'every woman should have a fashion bed is tasted', keep the energy and time and sexy, enjoy the pleasure of fashion and full of healthy vitality - — This is spinning le home textiles can bring a every woman. She has is not just a simple bed is tasted, the symbol of fashion and health of the necessities and release passion and relieve stress. About Violet vitality home textiles, you cannot not know of a few big secret medicine, cosmetics production workshop all life bed is tasted in the first place in the pharmaceutical, cosmetic grade production workshop, assembly line will be used for uv and ozone sterilization, put an end to any cross infection. After comprehensive sterilization with high speed, strong winds to remove dust, hair and skin. After using isolation equipment to conduct a comprehensive cleaning and maintenance. Finally, through the unique patented technology to add natural antibacterial anti mite factor, all products using nitrogen sealed packaging, bag opening the box. Long-acting antibacterial anti mite, zero pollution kill more than 650 kinds of bacteria in 3 minutes, without any resistance, zero stimulation to the skin. Water after 20 times still keep more than 90% of the antibacterial rate. After repeated washing 50 times still has very good anti mite effect. 谁( The world health organization) It is recommended to use. Fashionable element, return to natural selection of the most popular fabrics, absorbing the cutting edge of fashion elements, page pattern design. The overall design and color show the authenticity of the unique, elegant and natural. Or quiet, gentle, elegant luxury, or pure and fresh and romantic, stable or England. No matter how fashionable change, always can find you one. Fashion need healthy attitude bed is tasted, is the art of life is the most primitive, the sun is warm and the cold is tasty, the breathing has weight. Close your eyes and you shaken off the shackles of secular, broke through the hustle and bustle of stumbles. Feel pure, listen to the rain or snow, towards the nature of dreams, to return to the original nature. Violet, with meticulous study, give careful of care, with a fashionable and elegant attitude, achievements and healthy life philosophy.
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