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2021 Trend Forecast Of Flower Pattern In Spring And Summer And Pet Products In Autumn And Winter

2021 Trend Forecast Of Flower Pattern In Spring And Summer And Pet Products In Autumn And Winter


Do you know the forecast of 2021 spring and summer textile flower patterns and autumn and winter textile pet products trend forecast? This article takes you to understand.

2021 Forecast Of Textile Design Flower Pattern In Spring And Summer

The trend in the application of textile design flower pattern is derived from a series of weird, interesting, retro mixed with sweet style of printing pattern style. The younger generation of friends look at the world through their immature hazy dreams, and encounter another special case of their own in the world. In their subculture, the collective identity choice between the mainstream cultures does not care about being recognized by the mainstream, resulting in their own spiritual world, in which joy and loneliness coexist. This theme borrows the sweet style of retro, vintage floral pattern, to create a unique and exquisite living space.

The attractive red lip printing brings personal customization to the bedroom environment, with a trace of banter in romance. The pattern is mainly pop style in floral textile designs and application, and can be combined with fabrics with special texture to increase the three-dimensional vividness of the textile design flower pattern.

Influenced by the trend of environmental protection such as "turning waste into treasure" and handmade feeling, the theme advocates the use of old antique fabrics in style design, combined with the exaggeration of some special historical periods to create a sweet and retro home style, the vintage floral textile pattern design is reflected in the splicing of different colors and patterns to create a new and unique appearance.

The hazy and dreamy surrealism cloud brings people into a fantastic space full of sweetness, romance and ghost horse girl temperament. The super large cloud is wrapped in pink and purple, which has a strong and unique visual effect. It can be boldly tried with floral pattern design on wallpaper and household textiles.

2021 Forecast Of Textile Pet Products In Autumn And Winter

With the rapid development of global pet economy, modern pet owners regard pets as one of the indispensable members of the family, and purchase luxury brands textile pet products to highlight the important position of pets. According to the prediction of rebeco, a Dutch asset management company, the market of pet luxury products in Asia Pacific countries will grow the fastest in 2025, and consumers of generation Z and millennials will choose more high-end luxury and comfortable textile pet products to care for their lovely pets. Luxury brands and major pet brands are using their own taste and popularity to create more sophisticated and diversified products to attract consumers. From the traction rope, pet carrying bag to pet bed, it integrates the current popular styles, materials and crafts to help consumers create a delicate atmosphere for these pets.

The warmth and comfort of textile pet products made of comfortable Plush materials attract consumers and pets. Pet brands add artificial fur, wool, plush fiber and other materials to pet products, mostly in the form of pure color. The comfortable touch gives the product a comfortable experience. The round doughnut textile pet nest is also very suitable for dogs and cats who like to shrink up. The soft filling provides a quiet and peaceful sleeping environment for them to have a sweet dream.

Quilted fabric has excellent warmth retention, and continues to be popular in the design of 21 / 22 autumn and winter textile pet products. The cotton wadding is fixed by stitching, and the geometric quilting appearance is more prominent. The full contour is used to increase the surface touch of pet products. The soft quilted fabric makes the product more attractive, enhancing comfort and relaxation. Different geometric quilting has its unique visual interest.

There are many applications of metal materials in pet products, whether it is the delicate local decoration or the use of metal materials, which add a new and gorgeous visual effect to the products. The combination of pet knitwear and chain makes pet wear more personalized. Metal accessories make the collar style design richer, and the metal texture can set off each other with leather materials. The use of gold to enhance the sense of metal, or decorated with silver satin texture, metal will become the key material of pure pet products, so as to increase the quality of the single product, showing an unexpected charm.

The revival of manual weaving technology and the cross splicing process form, whether it is leather weaving or sail rope weaving, textile pet single products made by slow manual process are practical and fashionable. This design reflects the commitment of designers and brand makers to improve the design and quality of textile pet products, and provide high-quality needs for consumers and pets.

The cooperation between cross-border brands is collaborative, and their consumption guidance is more and more obvious to consumers, and at the same time, it can achieve a win-win effect. This kind of cooperation mode will also have the opportunity to bring higher marketing effect and linkage value to the brand, and also attract young people who express themselves.

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