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by:TONDA     2020-04-27
See the label on the market a lot of fluff 4 times, the name also changes with each passing day, but most of them are polyester, polyester material exist two shortcomings: one is not breathable moisture absorption, cover to the middle of the night, a feeling of tightness in the body, sweat wet, 2 it is allergy, polyester material sensitive skin will have an itch. So suggest to buy cotton mill is relatively reliable, MAO cotton depends on whether cotton on the label. Ok weight often will adopt 32 * 21 s cotton mill coarser high-quality cotton yarn weaving, because only a coarse yarn can better grinded down, so the heavy cotton mill hair covered 4 times, can generally through phase modulation on the difference between the weight of the four quality; Thick fabrics to grind out thick hairs, warm will be better. Touch down a lot of people buy when MAO suite for wool, in fact, grinding on the wool fabrics fluffy is not the more the better! If hairs too deep too long, is likely to be easy to drop hair, and if the grinding is too shallow MAO is not warm. So touch grinding suite MAO, hair length is moderate, dense and uniform as well. But there is no 100% suites, which do not lose hair good grinding hair suite just less wool! Flap fabric according to the mill by sandpaper MAO was flat grinding principle of neps and velvet fabrics, so there is no 100% dropping ground hair suite. But we can use the hand on the grinding wool fabric friction and pat gently, to see if there are too many hairs, dust falling, to determine the wool fabrics is grinding so far. Whether printing a set of grinding MAO suite is able to bear or endure look, it remains to be seen whether grinding wool fabric dyeing and printing quality. Grinding of grey hair product quality the demand is higher, and the uniform cloth, without a hitch, nep, slub, Lou reed, etc. , otherwise the fabric would have a thief in the convex phenomenon after polishing, particularly dark fabric. All six smell bedding should pay attention to safety indicators, the smell is bed is tasted safety index is a key for a good. Good grinding wool fabric with reactive dyeing process, but does not rule out using coating dyeing or illegal dyes, so if the grinding wool suite has a pungent odor, please don't buy. Spinning le home textiles warm winter series! Grinding hair, it comes from the high-grade combed cotton weaving and become, the composition is 100% long-staple cotton. It is different from common ground is that MAO with satin weaving process, then grind wool processing. Satin weave is the warp and weft at least once every three root yarn to interweave, and satin weave fabric density higher, smooth as silk. In ancient times because of good quality characteristics as a 'tribute' tribute. Fabrics and fine processing, after by wrapping on the wool mill roller of burning on friction was carried out on the fabric, thus changing the structure of the fabric surface properties, forming a layer of fluffy feeling. Shed hair not easily, not easy pilling, easy care, is MAO grinding rolls.
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