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Four-piece factory tell you what is pigment printing 4 times - Tonda home textiles co. , LTD

by:TONDA     2020-04-27
Pigment printing 4 times just as its name implies is to use the pigment printing process four products, pigment printing and reactive printing is a kind of bed is tasted process. It is clear that the use of raw materials is coating pigment printing instead of dye, so usually in order to distinguish it from the dye printing, pigment printing, also known as dry process printing. Spinning home textiles home textiles advisers told the editor for colored powder coating is generally insoluble, but mostly for organic synthesis, itself of the fibers is not directly, so can't and fiber directly. Pigment printing principle is by means of a film of synthetic resin, can generate strong adhesion on the surface of fabric, so as to complete the printing process. In theory suitable for pigment printing of various fiber fabric, but the fact is restricted by many factors. Pigment printing 4 times features a brighter and gorgeous color, light stability is good. At the same time feel is soft, and rubbing fastness is higher. But the pigment printing, because of the process itself, is generally easy to rub off and fade, from this point alone is much less than the reactive printing. So now a lot of bedding is the activity of printing instead of pigment printing, but at the same time because of technology, reactive printing 4 times higher than pigment printing 4 times the price. Spinning le home textiles advisers recommend or buy reactive printing 4 times as far as possible, because in the long run apparently active printing 4 times more cost-effective.
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