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by:TONDA     2020-04-11
Grandparents always like an intense sense of quilt, marriage among young people nowadays, a lot of the woman's parents also always can make several cotton bed was do dowry to his daughter. But the traditional cotton is, after all, to be short too much, don't sleep for a year is moisture, wet weight, harden and not warm, and have to smash woven again. The cost of cotton is not low, relatively low profits, therefore, most of the brands on the market of textile business rarely involves cotton by core product development and design. As natural fiber products, cotton is still have a very large market, therefore, more like home textile meet the consumer demand, based on the traditional cotton by innovation and development, raise, carefully designing the cotton knitting yuan fall by RMB, knitting cotton winter is core, optimizing natural quality as a leading producer of long-staple cotton filling, for healthy and comfortable sleep. Why our knitting yuan can break through the traditional cotton wool quilt core is limited, make sleep more comfortable? Here is much loved sleep experts experts will break down for you. Under the traditional process of basic by a thick quilt to keep warm, especially cold in winter in the south, people are likely to be covered ten catties of cotton were would feel warm, but a night of sleep, often ache all over, this belongs to pure depend on material thermal properties of its own to keep warm. Elastic cotton was cotton combed cotton fiber cannot be fully open, cotton uniform failed to change between macromolecular structure, combined with dust, the existence of impurities in a tire after a lack of tensile strength, even if the net yarn in daily use process will appear after the hole and accumulation phenomenon. Play technology by traditional cotton, cotton cannot be effectively eliminate flocculant in the dust, short, after the cotton fiber moisture, dust and short flocculant was fully bonded wrapped in cotton fiber can't stretch, so we will find that with the longer the heavier cotton quilt, the board, but also the less warm and thus will continue to build, a vicious cycle. These are formed cotton is used for a long time to harden and hole, the cause of the wet weight. More like $home textiles knitting cotton series by core fully considering the lack of traditional machine play cotton, raise, the multiple process involves carefully, make high quality yuan cotton play its warm natural fiber properties, to bring people more comfortable and healthy to keep warm to sleep. A, the entire 18 procedure: air washing cotton - — More fully fiber opening - — A more thorough eliminate impurities, linter, dust - — Cross tie up cotton combing process - — , acupuncture conceived in the womb make dust, staple, impurity separation, effectively resist the resulting harden and not warm, is more like knitting cotton series are core strengths. Two, no net multi-layer cotton: as thin as cicada, layer upon layer paved, through the special acupuncture technique, the maximum guarantee air storage in the cotton quilt, let the miantai uniform and elasticity under the warm best results not deformation, don't need to network and can be washed. More than three, purely physical pollution-free: love RMB knitting wool quilt core miantai differs from the nature of the market at present no cotton is purely physical process, the entire production process without glue, no late surface grinding, the maximum guarantee flocculus volume, softness and air storage capacity in the flocculus, let be more warm and soft and comfortable. More like $home textiles knitting cotton series by core adopts special technology makes the thickness of the cotton fiber weaving are cascading to we need, let the miantai uniform, flexibility and reach the best effect on warm, more lightsome warm, fluffy don't harden and not loose can be washed, broad antibacterial mouldproof. Knitted fabrics used embossing fabrics, three layer design feel more soft, soft close skin, strong sense of depth and quality. And opening process, convenient consumers more intuitive understanding by core filling, testing the quality of products.
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