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From 'crossover' to 'unbounded' : the power of home textile industry of 'house' - Tonda home textiles co. , LTD

by:TONDA     2020-04-25
'1 - China's home textile products export 183 in June. 4. 5 billion dollars, export quantity increased 10. 49%. But the familiar home textile brand is relatively small, this is a big home textile industry of our country, from the current look, cross-border cooperation development to make home textiles industry achieve quality. 'China textile industry association, vice chairman, China home textile association Yang Zhaohua international home textiles and accessories in China ( Autumn/winter) Expo exhibition told reporters. Power 'in the' sharing cross-border cooperation is known as 'home textile industry barometer and an indicator of' China international home textiles and accessories, Autumn/winter) Expo exhibition, and has become a microcosm of the whole industry and the vane, is committed to leading the industry, service enterprises, construct a new platform of cooperation, many textile enterprises are gradually grow, through this platform have stepped onto the stage for domestic and foreign trade. For this exhibition, the characteristics of Yang Zhaohua said that this year the exhibitors have not just sell a piece of cloth, more and more is in the whole house soft outfit solutions, provide supporting design scheme, from single show to the whole soft outfit trend of fabric development, fully reflects the ability of industry consolidation. From the B to C drive home textile industry brand integration '1 - China's home textile products export 183 in June. 4. 5 billion dollars, export quantity increased 10. 49%. But do not comport with home textile producer and exporter, the familiar home textile brand is relatively small, this is a big home textile industry of our country, from the current look, cross-border cooperation development to make home textile industry achieve quality. 'Yang Zhaohua answer is given to the development of home textile industry. Data show that textile exports accounted for about 15% of all textile and garment, accounted for 40% of the world's home textiles products export. According to statistics, home textile, home relatively independent, cross-border business is relatively small. But in the future, home textile, home industry will gradually blurred border, present the trend of the development of the integration. Yang Zhaohua tell - economic journal JingJiWang journalist in China, as the consumers' level of ascension, the upgrading of consumption structure, consumer demand for home textile product not only reflected in the home textile product itself, and will pay more attention to its cultural taste, especially with the overall domestic outfit style matching. Especially under the concept of 'house', the fusion is getting more and more obvious. enterprises have to say goodbye to the single material suppliers, furniture, home act the role ofing and interior design instead the means of development of the enterprise, at the same time provides consumers with the household of one-stop, integrated solutions and services. But the fusion of household, home textile, not only reflected in the simple sum of product category but business around the needs of different consumers to set situation, in order to meet the multi-level consumption demand. design culture to explore from the 'crossover' to 'unbounded' into the 'new normal' economy in our country after development period, the growth of the size of home textile industry overall slow, speed up the enterprise transformation, operational efficiency continue to improve, strive to realize the benefit to promote the efficiency of growth, and improve the quality of our operations. , it is necessary to transformation and upgrading of the textile market demand began to demand from a single product also needs to rise to the whole way of life. After decades of development, China's textile industry has experienced from the era of 'cloth art' to 'spinning' era, from the 'spinning' era to the way of life 'in' the change of The Times, home textiles products are converted into a fashion product from practical consumer goods. Especially since 2012, the traditional enterprise into the adjustment period, companies are exploring the transformation. Under this background, the traditional home textile enterprises have to adjust, from a single category are common to everyone in the transfer of enterprises, among them, the industry well-known brands MERHOME mei mendale group for the international famous brand household pavilion in household, household life museum products from a man with a pipe, care products, to the female consumers preference of aromatherapy, such as the umbrella by hand goods from soup to nuts. Is the year of supply side of structural reform deepening, the requirement of textile enterprise innovation, transformation and upgrading, adjust product structure, according to consumer demand to build smart home, let the home textile industry really can guide consumption, and both technological and fashion, make the China home textile design culture from 'crossover' to 'unbounded' rise of the real.
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