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Goose down quilt of choose and buy when should pay attention to downcontent and volume these two indicators. - - - - - - Tonda home textiles co. , LTD

by:TONDA     2020-05-13
A: look at with and without state approval certificate and label, label, is there a downcontent feather percentage, fabric content. 2: the feather products relax smooth, to restore its natural for 3 minutes, see whether products to rebound soon recover. If not up or low springback is slow, that poor packing quality; If no resilience, filling material is likely to be a feather or other long hair scattered hair rather than a feather. Three: feel with the hand touch pinch try its soft degree, whether full or too little rushes greater than thick long feather, feather tube, etc. Such as soft but poor resilience, rather than soften rushes down; Such as soft but have short scape is shattered, the filling material has no use value. Four: banged products, look have without dust overflow. If no dust overflow, as the good product; Dust overflow, if any, are for FenSuiMao or grey sand pile products, should not be commonly use. Five massage: forcibly knead products with both hands, look to whether have plush. If you have any plush drill, not down-proof fabric. Smell: take a deep breath with his nose close to feather products several times, compared with general cloth again once, without peculiar smell. The best there is no smell. If there are any obvious smell is unfavorable use. Seven phase modulation: hand DianDian feather products, the weight of the watch the size of the volume and weight more light volume more large for the market. Also pay attention to whether to prevent leakage velvet and use professional high-density flannelette, manufactured parts filling pile is uniform and fine stitching, tidy, Mosaic, rolling process was scraping, stretch, no distortion uneven is important. For white goose down very light very fine, did not have enough sewing technology of closed. This is also a lot of small and medium-sized brand to produce qualified white goose down. Cloth flat even better quality goods, quality of a material is exquisite, feel is good, clear printing, full of sheen, sewing uniform flat and level. If the product cloth uneven, disorder, sewing rough texture is sparse, decorative pattern, so it is possible to produce quality problem, such as will shrink after washing or rub off. Online purchase the good and bad are intermingled, often have a lot of goose down quilt is the so-called low prices, suggest using the following method to determine the quality: 1, whether the name brands. This is a lot of businessmen often intentionally or not, ignoring. The goose down sources (less known and inferior brand manufacturers Think about the underground plant after slaughter goose feather over the ground) , product purity and quality, processing levels are not getting certification, feather and seam in being difficult to directly identify, think what all can. Advice please the other party provides the body with ISO certification certificate photos. I have seen three stores in 17 different regular bedding store, have goose down quilt ( Including ordinary goose down) There are only three ( Rich Anna, jalam, Avon d. ) 。 Online can't see the material, the above mentioned in less than a lot of physical identification methods, sent to the home to regret is useless. Suggest that we go to the mall to see real situation, choose good note brand, content, size, and price and then surf the Internet to find the corresponding goose down quilt, lest be. Packing of the products to a certain extent, reflects the quality grade of products, packaging is in compliance with regulations can also reflect the factory side is serious and responsible in production. Instructions on the use of the product can guide consumers to purchase and use of bedding, including the manufacturer's name, address, contact information, product specifications, composition and content, washing methods, quality grade, information conformity certificate, etc. 2, whether natural goose down. Many businesses will use other name such as filaments goose down to obfuscate. But asked him to show the label photo, but must pay attention to the packing labels may also be false, trademark is going to be. Also have relative businesses with a conscience will say these artificial imitation velvet like goose down effect but cheap at such a time. But I believe you can understand imitated mink coat much of a difference and really want a mink coat, here in the same way.
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