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Green antimicrobial environmental protection health home textile New Year: the United States and health

Green antimicrobial environmental protection health home textile New Year: the United States and health


Green antimicrobial environmental protection health home textile New Year: the United States and health 2021-02-02 09:31:13 Source: China Consumer News

The home is the harbor of the life, home spinning product is the good thing that adorns the home Spring Festival is near, household changes new beginning, wash the curtain to change sofa cover to stick new wall cloth to buy new quilt cover to buy New Year goods this year, home spinning product popular what element.

韩国进口thehuuz纯棉水洗布加棉被套3件套 树叶形图案 双人 多色 被套1个,枕套2个

  Affected by the epidemic, the stiffness demand for relocation and marriage in 2020 is reduced. However, the climate monitoring results of China Textile Association Circuitys Branch show that in December 2020, the market of textile and garment industry has slightly decreased on the basis of the peak sales season in November, and the overall climate is approaching the end of the year. Home textile products such as antibacterial, anti-mite and low sensitivity are selling well in the Spring Festival on various e-commerce platforms.

Ms. Chen, the consumer, said that she did not believe in antibacterial environmental protection home textile products before, but after the outbreak of the epidemic, her consumption concept has changed. Green antibacterial health environmental protection has become a necessary element for her to choose home textile.

产品名称]: 超细纤维毛巾布

In recent years, with the consumer more and more attention to health, consumers are more willing to pay for the quality of life, it also speeds up the functional home textile product development, functional textile industry under big health trends According to the mercury home textile (603365, shares), general manager of marketing center of jiangsu jin-gen liu told reporters, along with the change in consumers' consumption psychology, functional products such as antibacterial green innovation, home textile products is also more comfortable healthy environmental protection.

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  In addition, the consumer health consciousness constantly strengthen, increased awareness of healthy sleep, healthy environmental protection label is more prominent in the home textile products Based on this, under the guidance of our science and technology development direction of green environmental protection, for the change of consumption demand, many textile enterprises have stepped up functional products research and development strength, for the healthy sleep Xiao dream of chengdu textile co., LTD. General manager liu told reporters in s:

In 2020, Jingdong platform alone, the search data sales data of cervical spine pillow has achieved nearly 300% growth. Under the trend of big health, the concern of policy-based social consumption of functional home textile is constantly magnified, which also provides ideas for the development of related enterprises.

After 90, the rise of consumer groups, in order to tide as the label self reveal to the home textile products Now home textile enterprises in product development and marketing also boarded the tidal wave express new countries, new countries will deduce more colorful Consumers, says ms qin to environmental protection, also want to warm She deliberately chose this year Spring Festival the wind.

  Happiness met in extremely good fortune Ilan cotton printed 4 times twinned trunks The curtain of blue and white porcelain These apparent DuanYa take meaning Chinese classical culture, the ancient elegance, and contains the contracted and pure and fresh and modern beauty, these new kingdom of home textile products will classical and modern fit, culture and life, rendering on home textile products, Chinese style and trendy, build the fashion the quiet life of the beautiful artistic conception.

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