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by:TONDA     2020-04-03
This is a high light the fast pace of society, as the work and life pressure increase, more and more people appeared different degree of lack of sleep and overwork. Improve sleep environment is many people have realized and is keen to improve social problem. In such circumstances, home textile brands keen capture the potential business opportunities, launched a series of health care keeping in good health home textile, memory pillow, high resilience pillow, silk by. The home textile differs from ordinary household textile selling point, from the 'physical structure rehabilitation principle' and 'natural plant therapy principle' to improve sleep. As human life advocates spinning reminder, sleep to polish eyes, filtering merchants false propaganda, choose suitable and effective product. Especially people often buy health care pillow, together with the spinning joy to know! Health care pillow is to point to have certain health care function, can rise to relieve nerves, tranquilize mind, protect the effect such as cervical health pillow. On the market of health care pillow door many multifarious, jade pillow, memory foam pillow, cassia seed jade pillow, kapok skin pillow, the pillow, etc. Many choose to make the customer the edition, these so-called health care pillow concept is still in play? How to choose appropriate and effective product? Health care pillow is divided into material care pillow ( Such as slow rebound, memory pillow, the pillow) And filled with health care pillow ( Cassia seed, lavender,) Two classes, and most valuable, more high-end some material actually sold around 3000. For example a USES the pure natural latex pillows made of gold and crystal, and the ecological energy website can continue to release negative ions and far infrared beneficial to human body, thus to improve sleep quality, but then search the pillow's comments, said little poor, mostly just feel more comfortable, did not experience to improve the effects of sleep. Similarly, in the other store to see something called lavender skin pillow, priced at more than 300. This high price because it is pure plant with unique processing technology, through the fragrant begin to understand principle of traditional Chinese medicine, can let users inhale ingredients, so as to promote sleep. On this basis, the relevant person in charge of industrial and commercial bureau disappear is protected in stressed that as health food can have health care function, health care pillow also can care, don't treatment, although in theory, bedding with a comfortable should help to sleep, but the merchants with hype in the treatment of insomnia are two different things, as far as he knew, there is no authoritative agency claims that can be treated with some bedding insomnia, so consumers should try to keep the rational shopping mentality, do not blindly pursue high price products. Although health care pillow health care function of little, but, once some people allergic constitution, drug pillow used should not be used, may cause the body allergy, serious even can cause the user skin tissue off large area, causing kidney failure, life threatening. And fill medicine health care pillow, it is easy to be affected with damp be affected with damp mildewy, after drug mildew, medicinal will also change, this also is likely to be trouble to users. Spinning home textiles remind consumers pay attention to, when buying a pillow to reason, do not blindly merchants propaganda, buy drug pillow. If any want to buy drug pillow, you should consult a doctor, take a look at your body can use this pillow.
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