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by:TONDA     2020-04-25
Healthy home textile manufacturers constantly enrich and perfect of the market, consumer demand for home textiles product diversification, only good appearance and thermal comfort has far cannot satisfy the consumers choose the high-standard requirements of home textile products. Recently, the autumn and winter product listing on the market the use of new materials, new technology, has become a popular trend of functional textile industry this year. Into the autumn winter season, the city's major shopping malls, supermarkets, the brand of home textile, bedding, has started to sell like hot cakes. But, unlike in previous years, this year home textile market appeared a lot of 'new faces'. A batch of '' technology' banner of home textile products have entered the major stores. Jasmine, home textile brands in China home textile, of course, is no exception. In recent years, xin, home textile, and for the purpose of protecting human health sleep actively responded to an appeal by the state science and technology of industrial upgrading traditional industry, the joint Japan Silcott in-depth study for 3 years and cost millions, successfully developed with bacteriostatic Silcott functional fiber, instantly deodorant, antibacterial except mites, bacteriostatic deodorant. In the development process and applied for many national patents. Xin's innovation only can let you and your family healthier sleep, functional textile emerged. So everybody to want to choose functional textile why? The benefits of functional textile where is it? It is how to protect people's sleep? According to the characteristics of the bedding bacteria, jasmine, joint Japan Silcott long-acting bacteriostatic technology, and successfully applied in the bedding, related technology and equipment are applied for national patent. Jasmine, mainly adopts five bacteriostatic mode: instant DEOCIL cotton/deodorant, DEOMEDICAL cotton/bacteriostatic deodorant, DANIALLERGENCUT cotton/reduce allergic substance instantly deodorant, ERGO? THERMO cotton/regenerative bacteriostatic except mites, DEOMIS cotton/temperature control moment deodorant, set the nano, green natural, positive confrontation, renewable elements such as the latest technology. Unique patented technology for various bacteriostatic factor into the fibers, can ensure the bacteriostatic effect of more durable. Liposome technology, make the bed is tasted more to skin. During sleep, due to the rise of temperature and friction, bacteriostatic factor release, so as to achieve all-round bacteriostatic effect to the body. At present, we can do it from the health quilt manufacturer xin factory of bedding with 99. 9% of bacteriostatic effect, and after washing 10 times can still reach 99% of the bacteriostatic effect, washed 20 times the bacteriostatic effect of 90%. This created a bedding to bacteriostatic to lead the industry in the new era. Choose functional textile, you can easily create a sterile clean room to sleep, the most intimate care for ourselves and for the most dear family. Choose functional textile, you can stay away from all kinds of mites allergic skin diseases caused by, with perfect skin. Choose functional textile, you can enjoy a healthy safe good sleep, full of energy to cope with life and work pressure. Health is to have vitality, you sleep, xin textile accountable. However, high technology content of home textile fabrics, the price is unambiguous. Compared with the ordinary home textile products, put on 'science and technology' coat home textile prices much higher. Spinning brand, warn broad customer, must to polish my eyes, to find really suitable for their own home textile products of science and technology. So as to ensure their good sleep!
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