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Home textile agent to teach you bed skirt, bed difference - dai li and the sheets Tonda home textiles co. , LTD

by:TONDA     2020-05-01
For this and related topics, also see many posts, but home textile agent in hebei is not accurate, so bring me explain, you discuss. On the use of it, these things should be like this: bed skirt, bed side surrounding edge, single bed skirt is placed under the simmons mattress. Bed dai li: this should be with a layer of cotton quilted protection pad, connected to the skirt of a circle is used to cover the mattress under the cloth, this sarong bottom one circle is elastic, for good cover the mattress, can hold. Bed skirt doesn't have to fold the edge, fully see the style, but very few single bed skirt, two reasons 1, single bed skirt is difficult with a complete set of bedding, factory don't know how to development. 2, bed skirt skirt hem height is difficult to unify, is there a difference because the bed height, and the shape of the bed there are differences, lead to need bed skirt size, height are not unified, such as my bed is the middle of the outside a circle out of place for simmons mattress, the modelling of the hollow in the middle of the bed so there is no way to make the bed skirt. Fitted in general is all white, because on the fitted there will be other bedding, bed dai li doesn't apply to other colors, especially dark, lest affect the color of the top sheet, bedspread, and because of the fitted will not direct contact with the body, the fitted generally does not need too good fabrics, especially the bottom of the layer is in contact with the mattress, more do not need, many clients abroad even use non-woven dai li's base cloth to make bed. Spread sheet is simple, it is in direct contact with the body on the bed, so for the fabric quality is the highest, at this point should not be sloppy. But there should be two of sheets, flatsheet flat sheet & amp; Fittedsheet the fitted sheets, the fitted type outside the fitted sheet package, some people will get used to sleep on the bed sheet directly, and flat bed sheet cover in the body with quilt separated, and the fitted sheet can also and quilt cover, bed sheet, pillow case, etc.
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