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by:TONDA     2020-04-18
Most consumers when choosing home textile bed is tasted, the preferred cotton products. Children's home textiles bedding are the most suitable material is cotton, plain coloured. Medical experts warn that when buying home textile bed is tasted, the more natural the cotton products, the better for your health. In addition a lot of cloth to flat need, the use of formaldehyde in textile bedding processing, if use overly processed product, will cause pollution to the room. When consumer is buying home textiles bed is tasted, can smell, if the product sends out a pungent odor, there may be residual formaldehyde. When choosing color, had better choose light color home textile bed is tasted, such rates of formaldehyde to exceed bid, color fastness is not qualified. bedding preference plain when buying a home textile bed is tasted, want to look for the home textile bedding packaging. Regular home textile make clear instructions on the use of the bed is tasted, manufacturer's name and address, product name, specifications, the raw material, the composition and content of the washing methods, standards, quality grade, quality qualification certificate, etc, and specifications, the composition and content of raw material, washing methods durability tags must be used. Tip: in the textile dye can make the person causes cancer, therefore, close-fitting cover bedding should choose light white products, other home textile bedding products should choose not easy to fade away. The person with sensitive skin, do not recommend using terylene bedding. Neutral shades for summer all the year round can choose light green, light gray, sapphire blue, white and cold tonal hometextile bedding; Winter can choose purple, ash yellow, orange, warm color attune of home textile bedding; Neuter and tonal colors such as beige, yellow, green, pink series such as mild and strong affinity, can use all the year round. Another different fabrics, can produce different effect, simple natural cotton and linen cloth, calico romance, rich gorgeous silks and satins, velvet and elegant solemn, fabrics of different visual effect is different also, create different atmosphere. Tip: consumer is when the choose and buy home textile bedding must pay attention to its pH. PH levels will cause itching and inflammation. The current limit on textiles pH is a mandatory standard, textile pH should be 4. 0 to 7. 5.
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